Egil the Eagle – Ulvsunda

artist: Egil the Eagle
title: Ulvsunda
keywords: industrial, metal, industrial metal
label: Antzhill

What if the members of kraftwerk indulged themselves secretly in the world of the industrial cyber goths, would’t that be awesome?Think of their robot performers dressed in black with colorful patches that light up in the black light, moving their robo arms to the music while balancing their romps on a stick. Maybe they are already doing it secretly in some club cave in the underground of Germany, working under pseudo’s and with milli vanilli style puppets as their secret fronts to cover their famous faces.

We are the robots, the cyber gothic industrial way would probably be one hell of a tune, an instant cracker that would set the dance-floor on fire with  a  heavy spastic dancing crowd with a love for fishnet clothing & huge platform boots!

But even if this legendary group is rather staying home while enjoying their legacy from the comfort of a  sofa or a chair (I imagine them in a mechanic massage chair smoking cigars for some weird reason) , out in the underground there are actually acts out there that are doing a fine job to please these industrial lovers in a kraftwerk, without kraftwerk way..

Egil the Eagle is one of them that knows exactly which buttons to press to generate a marching track that perfectly suits robotic dance moves, mean enough to be played for bat eating batcave ravers and with the electric guitar in raw shape to give it the real industrial vibe that lovers of this genre so seem to crave!

Front 242 &  Ministry are bands that the label linked to the music of Egil the Eagle’s, but let’s link it with this review to Kraftwerk, cause at the end every electronic output is somehow related. And even if it’s not, it’s a cool thought to have them as gothfathers nodding off at their comfortable homes, approving the current state of dark electronic music.

Check the free downloadable single over here:

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