Kapotte Muziek – #103: Tilburg

artist: Kapotte Muziek
title: #103: Tilburg
cat: Moll 011
keywords: experimental, sound art, acoustic noise
label: Moll

On Sunday afternoon the 23rd of September 2007 Kapotte Muziek played their very first all acoustic concert on the streets of Tilburg as part of Acoustic Noise which was again part of ZXZW. Highly curious 15 minute concert, and the recordings are likewise curious, with people talking, bikes passing and us playing.

The description tells of the high curiosity factor of this live recording, but as you listen into the track it even turns into a precious experience that they luckily have managed to capture. The set starts with lots of banging of what comes across as the lids of pans, than more silently strange woodpecker stimulation are brought out, wood pieces moved about and interesting soft rattling of some kind are all gathered to entertain the ears.

It’s amazing how directed this performance comes across as things evolve, get louder, wilder, sweeter, and blatantly more and more interesting.  Just close your eyes and see images of someone playing a camping tent as an instrument, brushing the fabric, ticking the tent poles in a acoustic way while plastic foam is doing hula-hoops to generate  these fine like squeaky sounds.

The audience seems to be captivated by it as well as they turn out to be a part of the performance themselves with their own human sound activities.
More rattling and moving of pipes, the tossing of wood and unzipping zippers can be imagined as the whole thing starts to wiggle its sound output like an enthusiastic Dodo bird that lays it’s anticipated eggs of acoustic noise music.

Time goes quick especially when tuned in this 15 minutes performance by Kapotte Muziek.
Check it out and perhaps play along;

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