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Fatal Jamz – Young Bitches In Love (None)

Artist: Fatal Jamz Title: Young Bitches In Love Label: None Cat#: None Keywords: Glam Rock, Powerpop Reviewer: Alex Spalding If you don’t physically get chills of awesomeness while listening to your favourite music, then, chances are, you’re not listening to … Continue reading

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De Drie Dieren – Van dier tot dier

artist: De Drie Dieren title: Van dier tot dier keywords: psychedelic, progressive label: Smikkelbaard Records With the tracks on the ‘van dier tot dier’ release by ‘De Drie Dieren’, you might be in for some surprise. Surprisingly good music that … Continue reading

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Almark Interview, I Choose YOU!!!

Welcome, readers, to another special interview edition at YIKIS! I was just a lonely pocket monster, snaking my way through life, when suddenly I was captured by Pokelahoma native Almark for a loquacious interview at Yeah I Know It Sucks! … Continue reading

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Gila Monster – ‘Fuck Girls’ single

artist: Gila Monster title: ‘Fuck Girls’ single keywords: Punk, girl rock, jazz, noise, rock/punk We have covered a lot of monsters here on Yeah I Know It Sucks, but there is nothing like the monster called Gila. Gila Monster freaking … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Monstrous Melodies

artists: Various title: Monstrous Melodies keywords: songs about or for monsters publisher: To proof that monsters are just a bunch of lunatics making crazy and fun music, you just have to tune in the tune by Charlie Boraley called … Continue reading

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Vaginal Ass – Harsh Noise Attack

artist: Vaginal Ass title: Harsh Noise Attack cat: AAR00023 keywords: a harsh noise attack label: angry arnold recordings Vaginal Ass. It’s a name that might ring a bell. Where did we hear this name before? It sounds so familiar? Strange … Continue reading

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Boogie Monster – Castle In The Clouds (Digi-7″)

artist: Boogie Monster title: Castle In The Clouds (Digi-7″) keywords: celtic, loud, metal, post-rock What the frying flying pans of hell! Your reviewer collapsed and fell of the chair, frightened by an unexpected form of noise! Your so called content … Continue reading

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I Love Monsters – Two Words

artist: I Love Monsters title: Two Words keywords: alternative, indie, dance, rock, pop reviewer: Willem van O. I Love Monsters? What kind of monsters would that be? Probably not the ones called marc dutroux, jimmy savile or gary glitter. Although … Continue reading

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Mark Williams – Romantically Obsessed

Artist: Mark Williams Title: Romantically Obsessed Keywords: Electronic, Pop, DIY, Alternative, Dream Pop,Reviewers: Alex Spalding & KNOnce upon a time, in a beautiful rose garden, two hopeless losers laid down on the short cutted grass writing love notes. They did … Continue reading

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Fantome – Love

artist: Fantome title: Love keywords: alternative, pop, rock, punk, indie Fantome is the band name that Marcel Zuercher and Hanin Elias are occupying to get their music out! They recently released an album that had some so called music critics … Continue reading

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