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Fatal Jamz – Young Bitches In Love (None)

Artist: Fatal Jamz Title: Young Bitches In Love Label: None Cat#: None Keywords: Glam Rock, Powerpop Reviewer: Alex Spalding If you don’t physically get chills of awesomeness while listening to your favourite music, then, chances are, you’re not listening to … Continue reading

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De Drie Dieren – Van dier tot dier

artist: De Drie Dieren title: Van dier tot dier keywords: psychedelic, progressive label: Smikkelbaard Records With the tracks on the ‘van dier tot dier’ release by ‘De Drie Dieren’, you might be in for some surprise. Surprisingly good music that … Continue reading

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Almark Interview, I Choose YOU!!!

Welcome, readers, to another special interview edition at YIKIS! I was just a lonely pocket monster, snaking my way through life, when suddenly I was captured by Pokelahoma native Almark for a loquacious interview at Yeah I Know It Sucks! … Continue reading

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Gila Monster – ‘Fuck Girls’ single

artist: Gila Monster title: ‘Fuck Girls’ single keywords: Punk, girl rock, jazz, noise, rock/punk We have covered a lot of monsters here on Yeah I Know It Sucks, but there is nothing like the monster called Gila. Gila Monster freaking … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Monstrous Melodies

artists: Various title: Monstrous Melodies keywords: songs about or for monsters publisher: To proof that monsters are just a bunch of lunatics making crazy and fun music, you just have to tune in the tune by Charlie Boraley called … Continue reading

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Vaginal Ass – Harsh Noise Attack

artist: Vaginal Ass title: Harsh Noise Attack cat: AAR00023 keywords: a harsh noise attack label: angry arnold recordings Vaginal Ass. It’s a name that might ring a bell. Where did we hear this name before? It sounds so familiar? Strange … Continue reading

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Boogie Monster – Castle In The Clouds (Digi-7″)

artist: Boogie Monster title: Castle In The Clouds (Digi-7″) keywords: celtic, loud, metal, post-rock What the frying flying pans of hell! Your reviewer collapsed and fell of the chair, frightened by an unexpected form of noise! Your so called content … Continue reading

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