Orphax – Undone

artist: Orphax
title: Undone
keywords: experimental, drone, ambient, minimal, soundart, electronic

A  certain fog of grey seems to invade slowly the ears of anyone entering the world of Orphax’s Undone. It’s like a soft continious long outtake of cold breath that gets blown in the neck, making the tiny hairs stand up while they move along with the sound.

The aspects of soft wind is getting more indentifiable within the second part of the ‘Undone’ trip. It’s extremely mild and minimal, using only the things that are needed to keep the situation mild and under control. The soft breeze is getting more active towards the end, and seem to blend in perfectly in the listeners own background sounds, making it almost an natural experience.

The third section of ‘Undone’  starts more as if the same sound has been molded in a more mechanic approach.  It comes in and out and pursues this way until the end giving the feeling of some bad news that might be hanging in the air. When a deeper layer of drone starts is added,  the strange tension in the seemingly calm music is even enlarged until the fade out brings us more sweet doom.

The fourth section is occupied with a very sensible  drone that although being cold on the surface, feels warm  in it’s presentation. The soft transformation that occurs is perhaps minimal, but enough to keep the attention and molds the mind in a state of (hopefully) relaxation.

‘Undone’ by Orphax is made by recycling old sounds that the artist kept in a digital folder, transforming and molding them into something new. The result is available on a 3″ CDR packed in a DVD box or as a cassete tape, both with color printed artwork.

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