keywords: 8bit, classical music, experimental, ambient, electronic

PERSONAL:KILLING:AGENDA provides the best soundtrack for the adventurous times of the night stalker. The serial killer always needed some killer tune that would fits it’s murderous agenda, but as every crap psychopath documentary about his life was already drained with cheesy soundtracks and he himself died on dead row of cancer, these compositions of the ‘NIGHTWATCH theme  by PERSONAL:KILLING:AGENDA are basically there as a remembering element or for future night stalking thrill kill seekers. Something to be carried along and listen on the road from one rampage scene in the night into another, either by the psychopath or the family members that need some scary atmospheric melody while they guard their family homes for lose walking danger that might or might not climb in through the window. Or perhaps this music is waiting around to be the soundtrack for a murderous future documentary?

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