Kate Bush – running up that hill

artist: Kate Bush
title: running up that hill
keywords: pop

It’s strange, I never felt bothered to do some research on Kate Bush. I never googled her, downloaded her music or looked her up in an encyclopedia. To me she is just a name glued to a magical song, a mysterious character that I would like to keep as mysterious as a rainbow unicorn for some strange reason.

I might as well be nuts, but something in me seems to believe that by making her identity more mystical, it glorifies  her ‘song’ into something so much more special.  Of course she recorded more tracks, probably complete albums, but as  informed I refrained from them, cultivating only one that means the world to me.

It’s a song that pops up throughout the years of my life, on friends computers, out of airport speakers and autoradio’s. Always unplanned and unexpected it reveals itself, and always, always doing something weird with my feelings of that moment. I feel almost ashamed to admit it, (and I write this with a red face from absurd honousty)  but ‘Running Up That Hill’ is probably the best thing I’ve heard! haha.

Admitting this statement is pure comedy, it’s hilarious! Here I am claiming that that song is the song that I like the most, but yet don’t even know how Kate Bush looks like, what she has been doing and don’t even have the song in my illegally (and legally?) downloaded music collection!
But that isn’t nessecary, the song has popped up so many times and registered itself so solidly on a part of my memory that is surprisingly still functional, that I can hear it without actually hearing it. It just plays in my head from time to time.

Running Up That Hill.. I don’t know even what the song is meant to be about. And music wise it’s recognizable ‘woowoo’ synths and eighties power drums are very close to the edge of the expiry date. But not close enough to expire, ever!

It’s the process of the music and the prominent way of singing by Kate Bush that comes together and do some utter magic. To me it’s like potential witchcraft! The track puts a spell on me every time I hear it, and even when it’s get played in my head on basis of my crappy memory.. Always magic appears! I feel so good when this track comes in, it is like a powerful drug that grabs me by the balls and raises me high up in the sky!

It’s the track that makes every obstacle small and irrelevant, as the music just boast power and energy from out of thin air! Is it the word of God? Is it indeed the magical woowoo’s? Is it Kate who sings ‘Cone on Baby, come on Darling?’
Whatever it is, it is powering up my vibes whenever and wherever it pops up! Yeah it’s probably totally uncool to say, but this song is totally Ace!

Now it’s time for me to type ‘Kate Bush’ in a search engine, close my eyes, save the first picture  blindly and upload it on top of this review without watching it myself. I know it’s a difficult task, but just don’t want to spoil the magic by putting an actual face to the song. I will do the same process in youtube, embedding the ‘running up the hill’ video without using my eyes, but I suspect placing the video gives this review some more weight and entertainment value. Mind you, I ain’t watching it!
here comes the powerful witchcraft:


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1 Response to Kate Bush – running up that hill

  1. Marko Ramius says:

    Why would you deny yourself listening to or knowing anything else about Kate Bush? Doesn’t make sense.

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