Various Artists – Floppy Kick Vol. 1

artists: Various
title: Floppy Kick Vol. 1
format: Floppy Diskette (limited 18 print)
keywords: lobit, experimental, drone, avantgarde, noise, soundart, punk, grindcore,  ambient,
label: Floppy Kick

It’s always exciting when a new label pops up, especially when they are purely dedicated into releasing albums/EP’s/singles and complete compilations on to the cutest form of physical releases ever; Floppy Diskettes!
It gives these cute looking floppies a new and uplifted life as they challenge the snobbish high tech hi-fi world with a powerful kick in their private parts! A Floppy Kick that is! Floppy Kick’s discography is already exploding in prolific enthusiasm filled with music by artists that are either well known in the world wide lobit scene, but also many more obscure and new talents that fill its exciting artists roster!

The best thing to get to know Floppy Kick is probably by listening to their first compilation. It features 12 artists from all over the world, all fitted on a colorful floppy diskette in a very limited run of 18 pieces!

Pandemic Sound Experience is an artist hailing from Hungary, and delivers an instant warm glow of flowing ambient drone. It’s amazing how a track that is limited to such a small time scale has absolutely no problem to suck up the listener in a matter of seconds. The deep depth that the producer carved the outlines of sound with, is seemingly captured in a perfect high quality, giving me the feeling as if we have entered a rather large holy space,  hidden under a tombstone.

Another artist representing Hungary is Eoforwine. The track the artist delivered here is exciting as it comes in as a industrial growl produced by a wild beast, made probably with the output of a powerful synthesizer!

Aster (USA) represents a more sweeter side on this compilation with a petite work called ‘Faye’. It’s like a soft piece of avantgarde that hides a pleasant manipulated acoustic instrument in the comfortable warmth of data loss. A real goodie!

Ogun Oru from Peru inserts a track that consists of mechanic sounding rolling noise that is simply on the move. It rolls in some kind of industrial action sequence and ends up in a place where it will be safely flushed away in hiss.

The track by the German producer ‘Der Domestizierte Mensch’ gives crackles for the ears that makes me think of mechanical created rain that is out to spread evil to whoever may come across it. I don’t think carrying umbrella’s will give the listener some safety, but in the ends who needs safety if there is excitement?

Fecal Fetal from Finland really delivers something interesting to this collection. It’s like listening to a lobit army, marching their way through sound. Next to the tight march there are didgeridoos to be heard, cheering the soldiers up as they pass by. The army enlarges before they abruptly come to an halt as they plunge their march into a short drone that dissolves them all in comfort.

The well-produced track generated by the American Thee Psionic Assembly, takes my ears back to the underground temple setting that we could spot on the first track on this floppy compilation. It’s like listening to the right moment of some kind of holy ritual were dark clothed priests walk by through shadowy hallways with only a candle to light up their own footprints. It’s a short walk perhaps, but if you play this track on repeat; this part of my reviewers imagination would probably make more sense.

Brazil is represented by Porraloka who  punches the delightful listeners in the face and wave their middle finger in the air with the delivery of their own punk sound! It’s gory, affective and passionate as Porraloka releases the energy and madness down your ears with affective drumming, screaming and maybe a lobit fist up your ass!  Providing a place for bewildering energy that brings back the good old ‘we don’t give a f@ck’ attitude that punk and quite possible lobit, is all about!

Aokigahara from Costa Rica cooked up a very cool track that sounds as if its taken fresh from the waves of a beach, carefully edited and manipulated in an exciting and ultimately cool way to give you the ultimate floppy kick at the very end! Excellent!

Than it’s time to make way for Eraritjaritjaka who founds it’s way on this floppy all the way from the USA! This is the first frontal noise attack that has been featured on this compilation, ultimately transforming back to human generated voices that pass by in the muffled sound of the lower bitrate.

Hungary’s Expanded Ears gives a nice shock of life to this showcase! It’s a very short and nifty little track but as it squirts it’s sound expression rather animated and colorfully (a bit like an over excited monkey in the zoo) it really feels like a wake up call!

And if Expended Ears could’t do the trick, perhaps the only artist on this compilation from France ‘Trou’ could do the right trick that the ears are in need off! Trou hisses the right sound-output to let unexpected listeners jump up, all awake and ready to face back to the realities of normal day life! No espresso can top it, and with this final boost of energy this exciting compilation has come to a successful end!

Floppy Kick’s first compilation turns out to be an excellent collection of underground culture music, throwing the listener in one sensation into another!
My advice is to get your hands and ears on one of these Floppy Kicks before this collector item sells out!

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