Nihilistic Delusion – Scraps Of Dark Past

artist: Nihilistic Delusion
title: Scraps Of Dark Past
cat: PNNL024
keywords: black noise, harsh
label: Punk Noise

Most people try yo cover up their dark past, but not Nihilistic Delusion!
This artist does exactly the opposite by shoving it all directly in your face, hissing his dark past in your ears without holding anything back! It’s noise that wears no soft gloves, or make up, as it just comes as it is. It’s on the high side of the high frequencies in noise, and if you listen very closely you can hear actual music somewhere hidden in there. It’s difficult to separate and probably to fully digest it, if you aren’t a full grown noiseketeer, but hey but what would you expect from a dark past? That it would be easy listening with colorful candy fluff?

The second track ‘old scars’ has a similar approach although it’s way shorter and also has it’s softer part. Or is that just an illusion and have my ears just killed themselves?
Check Nihilistic Delusion’s Dark Past in the future of today’s present:

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