Material Action – Sexify (Shake It Version)

artist: Material Action
title: Sexify (Shake It Version)
keywords: electro, electronic, synthpop, video, dance, groove
reviewer: someone dirty

Let’s go for it, we have waited way to long. It’s just you and me, baby. I don’t care who you are or what genitalia you have, or prefer, if we take things up to the new level. It’s this moment between a reader and a writer and of course the visualization of music that makes moments like these intense and probably (for some) slightly disturbing. But let’s just go for it!

let’s put on some night garment, some suede or soft flannel. Let’s put a bucket of ice on the table and place that luxurious bottle of bubbles in there for when we are going to get thirsty. Let’s put on some candles, the ones that fill up the room with flower smell would be perfect!
Let’s close the curtains, put some wood on fire in the fireplace, and place a comfortable carpet in front of it..

Let’s be comfortable, let’s keep the massage oil ready for in case we need it. Did we already dim the lights to a state of pure romance? if not, now is the time to do so.

Come and look me right in the eyes, how did you like the floor filled with flowers? Did it excited you? How’s the atmosphere over there? Do the candles smell pleasant enough? Is the carpet not placed too close to the fire? Is there still enough light to read me?

Let’s pop the cork of those bubbles! Let’s smear the massage oil all over the screen and moan like it’s the best thing ever. Let’s feel good and relaxed about ourselves and our romantic situation.

Yeah I Know It Sucks, but we are all about romance, about having a good time together, in a atmosphere of love with intensions to spice things up! … But something very important is missing over here, and we can’t continue this forced fabricated facade of sensual tension without this very special ingredient!
No need to be a genius to know what’s missing to take things to the next level, to raise our heartbeats and get our organs all juiced up!

It’s the music!

The music, such a very important element in our online affair! We can have all the romantic atmosphere in the world over here, but if there is no stimulating music this whole scene of foreplay trickery is probably just a waste of time.

Music is so important, if it clicks between two people and they are into the same music, there is no need to pop the corks as they corks will pop themselves! Rockets will be launched, ice creams will melt, tongues will be licked and cherries will be dipped!

So now that we have established that we need to make this intimate reviewer and reader situation a grade more intenser, as we already have adjusted the room to a romantic setting, we might as well cross our fingers and just hope for the best possible magic between us!
My stimulant of choice is a sexy piece of music by the hot electronica duo ‘Material Action, it is not just music, it is also accompanied with a tasteful video clip by the  romantic director Dylan True Durrington. So if that doesn’t set something of hormonal action in
motion than we probably ain’t a very good match! Are you ready?

Relax, sit close to the fire, look deep in the screen, absorb the perfume candles, the sparkling bubbles, the dimmed light and let us try out our hormonal compatibility as we plunge into sexify by Material Action:

((smoking a cigarette))
Was it as good for you as it was for me? –>
Find here more free visual/audio stimulants:
or check out Material Action for longer sessions:

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