mhz_ & жертва талидомида – Split

artists: mhz_ & жертва талидомида
title: Split
cat: FCKSPL 005
keywords: lobit, experimental
format: Floppy Diskette (limited edition of 18)
label: Floppy Kick

Splits are always interesting in the sense to get to know the sound of a new artist(s) or to hear if they are compatible in sound or concept. In the case of this floppy diskette split released through the Floppy Kick label, we have a household underground name ‘mhz_’ sharing space with a to me lesser known artist called жертва талидомида. Both of them hail from the country of Poland, which already makes them an perfect duo!

With ‘mhz_’ it’s always a great guess which ways his sounds will flow, having a very broad variety of music output that varies from top notch experimental productions to chill out quality hip-hop. In case you are a follower of this artist and want to collect this bonafide release without having a slight clue what to expect, (so mhz_ can proceed to surprise you as usual) than perhaps read no further as this review might be considered a small hint of a spoiler.
Although that is not really the case, as mhz_’s track here is as good as indescribable!

In fact, it’s a huge challenge to describe the side of music that mhz_ has delivered on this split.
As it is sounding like nothing else in the world, that’s for sure! It’s so unique that there is no way to break it into genre boxes other than true experimental. The most strangest thing I’ve heard in a long time, especially when hearing all these normally non compatible elements that are contained within this track, perfectly matched together.

There is a rhythm, there are melodies, there is ambiance and spooky drone, voices , mysterious sounds, happiness and of course the lobit acoustics. But even though these elements are so diverse, mhz _ simply manages to play everything all at once, creating a steady tune that sounds solid and unusually usual.

It’s a work that by successfully mingling all these far fledged styles together in a positive way, that it is possible to be enjoyed by people that normally would not have crossed musical paths. I mean a drone lover would be satisfied, so well as a dance fan or the electronic freak or people that are into soundscapes, plunderphonics or any other sound art in general. It doesn’t give one direction more attention than the other ones, making it something that mixes everything in the middle, creating a completely new type of music.

Whatever rows your boat; artist mhz_  makes sure to supply something you might potentially be interested in while listening to this floppy split. And that’s just the technical side of the music, the sound itself also can be applied to different kind of emotions. It just depends on which sound the listener will focus on and which one not. The production sounds so full, that it’s quite possible to hear different things in each listening session, enough to be entertained throughout the running time with a high re-play value.

As you probably have guessed it’s quite a difficult task to deliver a track that would fit the supplied unique music by mhz_ , nonetheless жертва талидомида side of this floppy proofs to be compatible in a more ambient guitar drone kind of way. It’s not just a drone or someone fiddling with knobs, it’s sounds more planned, more sophisticated.
It has its fair share of warmth within its rawness and personally I love the tiny little details of control that жертва талидомида seems to enforce on his more organic stream of sound. These personal touches keeps it more interesting, although it can’t be compared to the uniqueness of the track produced by mhz_.

The tracks together form a release that is entertaining, perhaps hinting towards the more darker side of music. жертва талидомида’s track feels more like a moment of relaxation for alternative people, a time to relax after being flabbergasted by the discovery of the surprising experimental music by mhz_.

A recommendable release if you are into things that you haven’t heard before. Something that on it’s own is already a rarity, but as this release comes on a very limited floppy probably stays a rarity!
Get your hands on of these precious floppy diskettes and experience  music like you haven’t heard it before!

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