Alex Picone – Furby FLoppy EP

artist: Alex Picone
title: Furby Floppy EP
keywords: electronic, house, house, minimal, techno
label: Cadenza Music
reviewer: Willem van O.

If you have been around long enough in this world, or just have wasted enough time on this idiotic reviewers blog, you might have noticed that there are many people called Alex. They are everywhere, from royalty to street beggar, so well male as female versions. The world is full of The Alex people, but if you match Alex with a surname like ‘Picone’ the phonebook will probably be more clear with which Alex we are dealing with.

Alex Picone is the name of a music maker who created an EP called ‘Furby Floppy. An EP that contains two tracks that corresponds with the title of the release. Too confuse the listeners it will start with a tune called  ‘Floppy’ and follows up with the track ‘Furby’.

Floppy is something made for the continuation of a dance/chill party, something that would fit with excessive intake of alcoholic cocktails and other lose-making beverages! It has the pumping beat, the loopy elements of a stretched out house track that would in my opinion suit a bar/drink/dance environment. You know the place with a deejay pumping up the crowd while a percussionist is hired to juggle with cowbells to hype things up. Not that there is a cowbell or percussionist drumming along on this ‘floppy’ track, but I just see this track perfectly suitable for something like that. It has the froggy sounds that link to the artwork, and with this knowledge in mind we jump in frogstyle to the ‘Furby’ tune.


Forget all what you know of the ‘Furby’ because Alex Picone doesn’t seem to go for a tribute to the talking furry toys with their big bird like eyes. Alex Picane just delivers another lengthy dance track that is deejay barbspin friendly as it keeps its lightweight groove catering the bubbled up crowd. It’s probably good stuff in this kind of genre, but personally I need the alcoholic buzz to make it more inviting for dance moves or good drunk times.

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