The Chewers – Chuckle change and also

artist: The Chewers
title: Chuckle change and also
keywords: alternative, métal, avant-garde, blues rock, expérimental, noise rock, post-punk, weird rock
label: Cimmerian Shade recordings

The Chewers have launched their album ‘Chuckle change and also’ in to the large world. It is a pretty large album covering 22 tracks and the promise of 4 additional digital bonus tracks.

So how does this album by  The Chewers sound like? The first track (Now) is a slow funk stoner piece of material that feels as if it is recorded loosely to give the potential listener the feeling of being at ease and at home. A so called ‘warm welcome’ is a better way to describe it perhaps.

‘Can’t Sleep’ is a lovely pointless song that triggers a smile on my face of recognition with its humor and rambling playing of the music.

‘Burn it down’ continuos the loose fun vibes. It has the funk that our internet hero Tonetta has, but the voice is settled in a delightful effect that makes the human played touch of funk groove, robotic and pleasant.

When ‘Techno-slaves’ has entered my ears, there is no way to deny that it’s working on the dance muscles of insanity. It’s incredibly groovy, so well the loopy playfulness of the rhythmic mess as well as the great vocal performances.

After the uncontrollable dance moves my armpits smell like rotten cheese and onions, which brings us to the ultimate piece of songwriting secured in a song called ‘filthy’.

A track that makes me want to call up ‘some folks’ to tell them enthusiastic about the new discovery of this fun album is actually the fun song ‘Some Folks’. It makes me think of some music material coming from the the magical genius twists of Tom Waits. But without the heavy smoked up lungs and whisky it is sounding actually more healthy and energetic. A nice song to impress visiting friends by showcasing your good taste for rather excellent music that is at the same time catchy in its craziness!

Than more music for good times and showcasing weird dance moves! It’s ‘A part machine’ that is groovy and extremely contagious with it’s perfect delivery of baselines, funky guitar rumblings and rolling wonky drums. Party music that makes you feel oh soOOO good!

Than a short track called (later) rolls in and out as a filler that made me think for a silly split of Napoleon XIV. How’s he doing these days?

‘inmate 227’ is a song about inmate 227, it’s perfectly captured in a wonky piece of chill pill funk rock that is menacing and fun at the same time.

Than the keys of a piano make a appearance as they introduce a song called ‘smiling samuel’. It has this drunk feeling integrated in the music as the lyrics are pronounced on top of it to describe the case of smiling samuel. Did I hear ‘Pyramid man has lizard lips’?

‘The Fat Man’ cracks me up as the lyrics and music are telling the story in such a colorful way with even the fat man himself attempting to sing through his blocked fat belly. A great piece of storytelling that smells of folk tales of modern day america.

A little tune called ‘mutter’ is inserted to keep up the chill bill vibes, and it only drives the hunger for more of these fun little nuggets of songs up a bit!

Than ‘I’m afraid’ creeps up and music wise it feels as if its a healthy love child between Tom Waits and Napoleon XIV. It has the musical rawness and the paranoia ‘let’s go to the funny farm’ side effects that turns a magical smile upon my face. I really start to dig this album more and more as it’s rolling and skinny dipping in so many fun and strange moods that  keeps this release surprisingly entertaining.

From my personal praises and the previous vocal paranoia, The Chewers go ‘Down There’. It’s as if they have dived into the more experimental sound basements or attics of the underground with mysterious things that crawl around, sweet tones and a lost trapped voice in an dusty vocoder.

Time for ‘Teeth Lock’ which is a wild energetic form of music mentalism. It provides the Simon Cowbell a nice appearance, as well as menacing guitar work and crazed out drums. A perfect track to cut up carrots in a rapid speed and dance around in a absolutely bonkers way! What’s there not to love?!

The (past) is a very small inserted track that is almost to tiny to be noticed. It’s one of those fillers that glues other tracks together like a ringmaster between the circus acts.

For the wubble wobble fans of drunk funk’Box Head Space’ brings us all in the good vibes with its cute rambling music and poppy lyrics.

‘Tornado of stasis’ is a story telling tale that has a flavor of old whisky bar music. It’s a strange song that is taking the listener in with a poetic flow of words.

It’s the right moment to loosen up a bit and The Chewers inserted ‘Steam’ to oil up the tension in a pleasant way.

And before we know it’Funnel Head’ drops us in the bands bizarre twists of music that craves our fullest devotion to weirdofication ! Funnel Head is mentalism for the crazed up wonk rock lovers!

With ‘Blank Pavement’ The Chewers spin the whole room in backwards form while themselves are turned 180 degrees to obsessively remind us that we are dealing with a track called ‘Blank Pavement’. It got the flair that needs to be respected by wearing sunglasses and a leather coat!

The last track ‘Went away’ is The Chewers sound that is going away. Perhaps they will go for a well deserved space holiday or eat some tropical fruits for inspiration for their next album of fun!

Check out The Chewers having a good time with lots of funky creativity, humor, party poppers and other forms of fun that for sure is good soundtrack for any living room party with silly friends!

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