Netorare – EP

artist: Netorare
title: EP
cat: DLR100
keywords: experinental, electronic, power electronics, IDM, noise, distortion
label: Deep Lake Records

This record begins with ‘Sewers of the mind’ who goes full Monty in the high frequency department. For a full minute the music gives its listeners a chemical internal cleansing that seems to be a necessarily in order to get the sewers of the mind unblocked and some kind of poisonous flow flowing. Lucky enough this happens to go together with a fine massive distorted buzzed up beat that cranks the noise up and push the unwanted brain fluff out of the mind in a density of sound.

As we are all cleaned up now, it’s time for the artist to fill the mind up again. This is done with a track called ‘me and my’ that pusher itself in the red maximum levels with atmospheric synths and a chilled beat completely soaked in distortion.

Of course there are ‘consequences’ involved when emptying the sewers of the mind and loading it again in such a way as this artist is doing. But the consequences are of a very positive kind as it comes in a pretty petite melodic ambient expression that will be an comfortable and relaxing pit stop from all the heavy audio therapy that this session is involved in.

To give the sweet side of this session more impressive impact, the artist direct us to another alternative electronica form of experimental treatment. With fine rattling slow hopping massive expressive kick boxing beats we are getting slapped in the face and slam dunked in the head again. It’s ultimately a cool experience as it got the flavors of intelligence at its side of carefully placed noised up Virgo rhythm.

The last track is titled 寝取られ and brings basically the music of the future, it’s music but perfectly cleansed in a modern day noise style. You can hear everything clearly, the snirping range of a guitar, rhythms too and all nicely delivered in the  noisy buzz fuzz we all appreciate so much now and in the near future.

bring on the intelligent noise and direct your mind to the audio slaughter over here:

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