Bastard Child – Easter-bortion

artist: Bastard Child
title: Easter-bortion
keywords: noise, cult video clip
label: Medical Malfunctions Label

A bunny, a honey, a redneck and a piggy.. It’s like the start of a badly written joke, but in this case it’s the cast of dodgy characters in the latest Bastard Child video clip directed by Kyle Clements. A video that is available to watch on the more seedier side of youtube & is highly recommended for people that have a strong stomach and a sweet sick taste for the twisted and bizarre.

It is next to dark entertainment also highly educational, for so well researchers as well as willing delusional youth of the lost generation in search for role models from the underground noise department.

The video covers things like:
*~ How to smoke a cigarette and look cool
*~ How to walk your pet
*- How to show a pretty smile
*~ How to apply lipstick
*- How to interact and play a game among friends
*~ How to get strangled
*~ How to take a blood  bath
*~ and many, many other interesting things!

Music wise Bastard Child is showing his best side with a menacing noise set that even though isn’t a frontal loudness attack, convinces in its sickness that could drive some weak minded individuals over the edge of their own damnation!

Sniff this movie, absorb the sound and visual world of the one and only ‘Bastard Child’ and learn from the master! Join the cult and cuddle up with the tallest and smartest dressed easter bunny you have ever seen!

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