Bill Gates / Lord Slug – Bill Gates / Lord Slug

artists: Bill Gates / Lord Slug
title: Bill Gates / Lord Slug
cat: DCR054
keywords: punk, grind, hardcore, noise, powerviolence
label: Dickcrush Records

Bill Gates and Lord Slug are united on a so called floppy split! They are loud and moody and if you don’t do as they please they will be probably be completely pissed off while kicking your head in! So let’s be nice and read along this nifty little review and than proceed to their music at the bottom of it all. Bill Gates and Lord Slug will await your arrival with bewildering energy and rushed up punk vibes!

Bill Gates is obviously tightly loaded on a powerful mix of speed and caffeine as he delivers miniature explosive mental  speedy sludge core metal! You can imagine his lips covered in foam and his microphone covered in spit, that’s how wild this Bill Gates sound while he slashes his way around with rough flying guitar and totally banged and trashed up drumkit! We all know that Bill Gates is a hard worker, but this is Bill Gates being hardcore to the bone flushing out every piece of anger and shoves it forcefully in your face!

Lord Slug is also ready and in the mood, probably loaded on mental stimulants and adrenaline kick starters! Everything is getting teared apart, Demolished and shat on! Or that’s what I believe when enduring this mental outburst of fine trashy & wild little fuck you’s that Lord Slug is puking out! Extremely raw and in your face with hilarious song titles that probably take longer to read than the actual tunes to be heard! Go and get shit in your ears over at the following link because you know you’ll love it!

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