Rothera Point – Isen (None)

Rothera Point - Isen

Dust storms, despoiled earth, no vegetation, a brown/grey landscape… the album art for Isen by Rothera Point is a bit inhospitable, but if we could turn our gaze by a few degrees there’s a pretty nice pizza joint and a five-star spa available.

Artist: Rothera Point
Title: Isen
Label: None
Cat#: None
Keywords: Ambient, Experimental, Noise, Drone
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Awhile ago I wrote a review for an old Noise-Joy classic, one of my ultimate faves from our old output, by artists Meima/Metonima/Azrael, each aliases of a mysterious Konrad, who sent us a mail discussing a new project of his: Rothera Point.

“I’ve lost a lot of the electronic robotic vibe and gone a bit more ‘theoretical’ with my sound in the last few years. I have another new name, as way of leaving the past sound behind. It’s still a similar mood and expression as my previous works, but now I have the musical theory and knowledge to express it in a musical sense with more harmony, chords, melody, drones and more harmony.”

Very excited to delve right into this, as a huge fan of his work… I’m curious of how far his sound has progressed in the passing years, but also wonder if I’m detecting from the artist a bit of enmity about his previous works? I hope not… it’s all really quality, in my opinion.

‘Isen’, a single offered here for free download, begins with a dirge of very digital feeling drone pads, very beautiful, over which I hear minimal percussion textures, acoustic guitar. It feels like we’re on a caravan moving through a torn desert. A piano goes through chords and we’re thrust into a space of uncertain serenity. There’s a groove that feels composed of dissimilar electronic and acoustic objects, a found collection of parts put into expression, evoking imagery of caravaners and a gatherer culture occupying vast wastes in tandem with the rest of the used sounds in this piece. Static bursts of bass float in, like whips of dust among the dunes. Choppy finger arpeggio of piano string tones… really nice! Organ harmonics, then the space opens for the final harmonies, which kind of uplift us into an epic, harmonically positive close.

Definitely give this one a listen! It can be found at the following link:

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