Visszajáró & Expanded Ears – Split EP

artists: Visszajáró & Expanded Ears
title: Split EP
keywords: experimental, art, electronic, improvised, noise, music, rock

Visszajáró & Expanded Ears are connected in sound. The proof comes as a split between them both that soundwise almost feels as if we are dealing with close family members dribbling in handmade experimental music that has certainly a pleasant homely appeal to whoever plugs into it.

Visszajáró’s  Megfogunk Fanni drops us somewhere in the middle of the DIY underground. The recognizable sound of a drilling power tool is befriending wooden dreamcatchers and deep atmospheric cult movie-ish synth stimulants that gives the work a date stamp of something that hails from the psychedelic seventies and the  trash soundtracks of the eighties. The guitar and the overall wooden sound of someone walking around on the floor makes this recording pretty much as human as it can get.

Expanded Ears’s recording fits so very well with the former track that the transition between them two  simply feels as a natural flow. Within this track there is no power tool but you can still hear some softer DIY activities going on, but everything is a bit more relaxed and calmed down. It’s as if we are dealing with a sunny sunday afternoon and even though the artist is working on something that might be using sandpaper to smoothen some surface of some kind, it is accompanied with such a chilled out style of guitar playing that it is obvious that it’s more a hobby than a necessary work out. Drinking lemonade, sitting on the lawn in the sun while keeping up the appearance of doing some DIY job around the house when actually being completely at ease and relaxed in this spare time sound recording. It’s that kind of feeling that is captured here, which is obviously even more pleasant when you are a self-confessed lazy person and find joy in hearing someone else working in a homely and no pressured way. My concussion is that we are dealing with a pleasant split that feels very much together in its humanness. Open up a glass of cold lemonade, sit back and get these tracks over here:

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