Virilio – Signature

artist: Virilio
title: Signature
cat: RL000
format: 12″ vinyl / digital download
keywords: sonic soundscape, experimental, noise
label: Record Label Record Label

Virilio is a project by Corinna Triantafyllidis who plays tympani, tamtam, synthesizer, drum machine & voice, And Dimitris Papadatos who supplied the electronics, guitar, turntables, synthesizer and also his voice. ‘Signature’ is their first record released on their own label called ‘Record Label’ (a fun but strangely confusing name for a record label) and is available on a nice 12″ piece of vinyl for collectors of energetic and adventurously played soundscapes.

Within this record Virilio marches us straight into a different sonic experience, a place were we are falsely greeted with a violin player who than is absorbed by dusty noise and lost clicks.
As Virilio steers on we stopped marching and moved on to proceed the record from bird view. There we see a massive landscape turning up under our feet with stormy noise action and environmental elements that gives this audio collage great depth and also quite a height. It’s the things in sound that we cannot place but the mind seems to be familiar with by connecting it to forces of nature in an environment that on surface looks hostile for us humans, but from our perspective is an absolutely thrilling sight. Fields of lava, earth-plates with pieces of tropical rainforest and complete dried out savannas with small oases are beamed to my imagination. There is action in sound, that makes me visualize the running movements of cheetah’s in need for a new place to live. The soft glow in sound in the background draws up a red sunset that light up this soundscape where basically anything is able to appear as long as the user uses it’s imagination.

To me this is a recording of the world of now, facing the same problems as the Dinosaurs did that lead to their ending but all viewed from a safe distance, making it an exciting and scientific enjoyable sonic journey for anyone who drank a cup of LSD instead of water. So if that is sounding of your interest and you are in to safe action in experimental audio with noise elements, than this might be something to check out.

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