Nelsetron – Something for a change

artist: Nelsetron
title: Something for a change
keywords: electronic, trip, trance

Not so very long ago one of the co-reviewers reviewed a work of the producer Nelsetron. It was a bit sarcastically written with mentioning how cheesy the track was and not very original. I am here to tell you that I really dig  Nelsetron’s music! Just because it all sounds friendly and there is no need to listen carefully as you can hear that the electronic music by Nelsetron is made with love. You can just feel it shining through these nifty quirky little melodies that are really friendly and probably well intended to just bring the sweeter side of things.

This track ‘Something for a change’ starts with a busy city life street recording before diving in a sunny and happy friendliness that just wants to make you smile and trigger happiness. It makes every traffic jam, every loaded underground situation into a pleasurable experience if you bring this music along to dance through your ears. Show some love for Nelsetron’s music cause I’m sure it loves you!
Get this feel good track over here:

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