Chronos – Improvisations

artist: Chronos
title: Improvisations
cat: ave038
keywords: improvisations, neo classical,
label: Aventuél

After what sounds like the artist settling in behind the instrument of choice, the wonderful notes are played like a calm soothing mellow delight of music. Captured as an improvisation it records the heart and soul of the musician at its purest.  Every melody and tempo change feels incredibly natural, creating a very dreamy track that feels perfectly comfortable for so well for relaxing times for the mind as well as pretty music to play before making your way to dreamland. Mesmerisingly beautiful!

From the previous EP improvisation, the artist moves over for an improvisational piece on the piano. It is obvious that the music maker is connected to the magical notes that can be heard forming a light slightly dramatic beauty of piano piece. It’s totally captivating me as pure beauty erupts while the artist fingers presses the right piano keys and triggers warm emotions. It’s an excellent improvisation that shows how a good musician can communicate by expressing melodic passion through an instrument of choice.

The last track ‘String improvisation’ sounds equally beautiful, although more heavy in style. It has certain tones of mystique that makes me feel like pinking away some new born tears with this melodramatic work as the fine trigger. If there was a point scale on this reviewers blog I would give these three improvisation 10 out of 10 points! It’s beautifully honest and I don’t know about you, but it connects with my personal emotional music loving parts. Absolutely love it!
Get this free release over at the following download link:

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