Refrain & Lefterna – Split

artists: Refrain & Lefterna
title: Split
cat: FCKSPL 004
format: Floppy Diskette (limited 18 pieces)
keywords: lobit, noise
label: Floppy Kick

Lefterna produces a pulsing pushing pulse that sets the ears to vibrate with an ultimate mechanical crunchy sound. It’s difficult to explain but the track is kind of hypnotic especially when you listen to it on repeat. It feels as if a very nice miniature drill is drilling away in your skull, but in a very pleasant kind of way. I know it is difficult to comprehend how something drilling in the skull could be perceived as pleasant, but it really is. It stays away from pain as it digs away in a steady tempo, probably stimulating hallucinations along the way if you are lucky. I was less lucky in the hallucination department, (visualizing a gigantic termite munching away on my brain) but even without tripping, the sound is bringing a strange sense of comfort. It is recommended to hear this track through headphones, so a full frontal up close sound encounter will occur in the best possible way!

A split release would not be complete with another artist. Luckily USA’s ‘Refrain’ joined up with Macedonia’s ‘Lefterna’ to fill up this floppy diskette in a decadent style! Refrain is representing itself in four tracks, with the first one sounding like proof that some scientists could grow humans that communicate as if they are airplane engines. It’s an interesting experiment although it is making a normal conversation quite impossible. You can hear it in the second track that the recorded subject is not really aware that we are unable to decipher what the male voice is saying, he speaks calm without any frustration, like a monk doing its blessings but it all comes out through a noisy barrier.

The third track comes across as the more traditional side of noise, meaning that all human vocals are now completely vaporized into one lengthy buzz of fuzz. It’s as if the artist wants to show that the transformation of the experiment has been successfully completed and here is the ultimate result if there wasn’t that last track to top it off!
The last track is basically a lift off, recorded upfront and close to the human transformed airplane engine. It is flying at great speed and sounds successfully successful as all human aspects have been assimilated by noise!

Get this split from the Floppy Kick label and hear the hypnoses and  transformation of noise for yourself:

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