9Planets – The ass

artist: 9Planets
title: The ass
keywords: lo-fi, electronic, beat music, hip hop, instrumental

Ah that’s niiiice! That’s reaaall good! Really smooth! I love the way how the sound moves about in these tunes and how that ass (sponsored by google images and imagination) bounces on these sexy slowmo rhythms. Nothing more sexy than lofi that taste a bit of chiptune and  fatty boom boom hipper di hop! Everything is so nice and finger licking smooth! It just taste so good, even though it might be weird to taste the sound with your ears, but if your tongue can reach it: why not!? No, no! Your reviewer is not drunk! Just feeling it and trying to translate what this ‘The Ass’ release is doing to me.

It’s just so chilling, with an sexy  experimental flavor that feels so  close to enjoying free alcoholic cocktails in a inflatable swimming-pool among big assed friends tightly packed in a soft layer of spandex! Isn’t this just great? This artist has humor, and a certain taste that might be debatable but fits perfectly with the title and cover picture! ‘The Ass’ is gigantic and bubbly! Come and join the slowmo chill pill nintendo synth hop pool-party and dive into the ass by 9planets! You know you want it!

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