Mars-96 – mars-96 meets markwart ep

artist: Mars-96
title: mars-96 meets markwart ep
keywords: blues, no wave, noise rock, punk

Mars-96 really Goes for the high making psychedelic noise rock punk that is driving me wild and nuts in the best possible way!  Everything you hear is set to kill as the guitars are going absolutely mad and bonkers while the drummer tries to keep them in some kind of ideologic asylum structure! Absolutely mental as these tunes go all over the place, menacing, creating insane havoc that is ultimately extremely energetic  while absolutely abolishing the normal standards of music playing! This drives me over the edge and off my socks and that’s a damn brilliant feeling!

All tunes are extremely wild and are like musical drugs that also give the so called health freaks the opportunity to leave normality way behind and drive yourself absolutely nuts! This is freaking great, I’m telling ya! Did I already told you that this is nuts?! That I’m nuts?! That you would be even more nuts if you don’t listen to this shit, right the funk now?! Hold my hand and click the following link and be lost forever in this enjoyable energetic madness of an EP!! Killer stuff, I tell ya!

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