tooth_eye / ethnomite pux – Split

artists: tooth_eye / ethnomite pux
title: Splitt
cat: LTR294
keywords:electronic, electro scum, noise, lo-fi,  breakcore, experimental 
label: Love Torture Records

Two oddly named friends that I both respect for their own reasons, have found love and sparkles together within this massive split. Ethnomite Pux rings bells of experimental audio trippery, and I believe (forgive me if I’m wrong) responsible for some wicked tracks in the lobit rate & the manga cartoon lover, wild experimental breakcore beast with the secret heart of golden magiccore: Tooth_eye! Yes, it’s perfectly normal to get wet between the sexual organs when hearing these two names together, nothing to be ashamed off so just let it flow and enjoy..

…a firm taste of Ethnomite Pux who revisioned (in sound!) his pall tooth_eye. So let’s close the eyes (mind you: do not close the ears!) and envision the revisioned tooth_eye through Ethnomite Pux! It feels a bit like Frankenstein loading up his new born zombie with electricity, but in this case it’s actually slightly different. No growling and moaning resurrection but instant slimy sex appeal moves in while Ethnomite Pux introduces us to his new interpretation of the tooth_eye as slutty and horny as it can get! the reinvented tooth_eye is on the roll in the sex department and orders to lick like a dog, act all slutty and arouse the man by doing as tooth_eye (in the imagination of Ethnomite Pux) sees fit! For the ones that are still rather dry, the producer has introduced plenty of noise lubricant that will make the chair the revisioned tooth_eye has tied you too slippery enough to slide off from. ‘Dirty Girl, Dirty Girl, I like you’ comes out of the dreamed up tooth_eye which for some reason comes across honest but also a bit psychopathic. He taps us on the head and gently pulls our ponytails. Pony-tails? I’m a bloke, Dude! Well not anymore as you, the reader, have also been revisioned! Sorry if that hurts your feelings man, but that skirt you are wearing is pretty hot! You are a cute awesome looking manga girl now, kindly seated and posed to reveal underwear, just like tooth_eye likes you, I kid you not!

<Insert screams of the freaked out reader>

No need to scream my friends! It’s just a fantasy, it’s not reality! When this review is over you will all be back in your original shape and form! Just chill out and endorse the crunching looking noise that Ethnomite Pux uses to visualize the magic powers of tooth_eye! Enjoy the post trauma, the sexy pleasures of short burst of high electronic shocks aimed at your most sensitive parts! Screaming and interaction is fine, but please do it in the right tempo and speed so it fits with the music please, thank you so very much. ‘Yeah you dirty slut, you know you like those noises raw, don’t you? Ethnomite Pux vision of the sweet tooth_eye is quite hands on and sexually expressive through his flow of commands and suggestions. But as the noise is loud and filling us up through our dirty little secrets, it’s good to know that the envisioned tooth_eye keeps a slice of control. Control that we as manga girls seem to approve as we do things to the magic tooth brush, that probably isn’t good to write down in a family orientated blog. So another reason (if you are not ‘doing it’ right now) to listen to this free release. And releasing is what this track does, as its all hot stuff between us and tooth_eye. Something I had no clue off that this would happen when going for a review of this split, but everybody likes surprises, even if it means you might end up with pain in your butt.

The noises and sensual session that keeps it together is getting more intensive with higher frequencies penetrating the ears. By seeing the size of this track you might know that the revisioned tooth_eye isn’t a one minute man and takes it’s time for all-round pleasure with stimulated noise satisfaction. At the end after our endurance of nonstop climax after climax, we laugh in a cute way. ‘hihi’ we say before transforming back to our normal shapes and forms! Wasn’t it fun to be a manga girl? Told you so that there was nothing to scream and panic for!

Now that we have successfully survived the revision of tooth_eye, we are entering even more psychiatric parts of this solid split. It’s a tooth_eye remix of a Ethnomite Pux remix of a track called ‘natsunogogo’ . Which is now kindly named: ‘I’m sure you’ve been hit by a man’… Can you follow it? But it doesn’t really matter as it is just something you should hear. It is obvious that tooth_eye in reality isn’t like that vision we had shaped before by Ethnomite Pux as here he sounds rather friendly and approachable. It’s a track that gives me the feeling of drinking tea with noise leaves while tooth_eye invites us for a sportive session of friendly breakbeat table tennis. When friends play among friend there are no winners, just the giggling joy of doing some light weight activity together. It’s fun!

But tooth_eye may have thought, yes fun, but not as much fun as the ‘cat people / cock mashup (tooth_eye – cat peoples are show peoples are the only peoples I know mix). So what is it? Do we have to revision ourselves into cat people to fully enjoy this work? Although that sounds like a fun thing to do, it isn’t really necessarily as it is perfectly enjoyable for the mad hatters, fruitcakes and weirdo’s that you already are! It has a nice start that feels a bit like a knife is sharpened will being at a tropical beached location. Than the moment of truth hops in and gets joined in with an insane state that mixes and matches horny cat. Screams, a cheap guitar riff and a nice sniff of bizarre power! WTF!

Then it’s clear that tooth_eye had enough of his pall Ethnomite Pux and starts to show off his more insensible side by taking both his fists to mash the sounds of Ethnomite Pux up! The result is one blast of rock n roll in the noise way! Distorted disco dancing for pink flamingos and people dressed up as banana’s! Put your hands up in the air and let the tooth_eye spike your drink and add the volume layers beyond the red in quite an unexpected way! Your ears will be baffled, muffled baked and steamed as the sound will appear as if your hearing aid has just died, or if not having one; that you are in need for a hearing aid!

But it’s jokes! It’s just tooth_eye being tooth_eye as he laughs and welcomes our deaf tortured ears in a cozy environment were sweet soft noises, rhythmic and homely as in homes for homeys! So is this the happy end of this story? Not really because there is a LTR remix coming straight after this track. LTR can stand for multiple things like ‘leather’ or ‘Lord Of The Rings’ or just ‘Love Torture Records’.. But whatever it is, it’s basically shifting up the party levels even more with nifty breakbeats, noise and shimmering hardcore. Something to dance, bang your head and get loaded on! Step up these fucksteps and hear the homely sounds being mashed up in a fine state of hyperspeed. Where is the speed when we need it the most? well it’s with tooth_eye!
Get some tooth_eye & Ethnomite Pux and grab this complete release over for free at the following link:

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