Yoshimi! – Ik en jij, allebei

artist: Yoshimi!
title: Ik en jij, allebei
keywords: collagepop, pop,

Yoshimi is somewhat a family band featuring Niek Hilkman as the prominent twinkle that keeps it together. His brother is always there and at the times of this recording; occasionally his granddad. Other musicians are involved but they are so close to the Hilkman family that they are like being a part of the furniture. Together they are active in the culture agenda, playing gigs in the land of wooden shoes and tulips and other projects that my brain doesn’t seem to completely comprehend.

From setting up orchestra’s, something with recycling video tapes and other things. But let’s go back in time a bit, let’s move back to the release of a cassette with original Yoshimi classics &remixes by friends that they made along the way of their entertaining journey.

Transfolmer, Analogue Dear, Tijmen Riedé, Alex van Holstijn, Apartle, Spoelstra, RickyDeSire & Toxic Chicken… These are the names of this colorful group of circus freaks that Yoshimi had collected and selected to be featured on their friendly ‘ Ik en Jij ,allebei’ tape release. The result is a diverse mix of insanity of all sorts, hailing from all parts of life glued together with passion, madness and the juicy side of love!

Let’s start with the equally eccentric producer Transfolmer who goes for a unique remix of an original Yoshimi song called ‘Altijd De Laatste’. Transfolmer turns this song into something breathtaking, something you listen in silence to hopefully absorb the emotional beauty that the artist has chosen to surround the track in. Beautifully reworked in an ambient atmosphere that plays with lovable gamelan like tones, pretty stimulating strings and perfectly filtered and integrated vocals. A perfect start that triggers a good and friendly feeling that fits perfectly with the more uptempo Analogue Dear remix of ‘Zoete Flarden’. It’s all rays of sunshine and childlike innocence over here in this cute little remix that flirts succesfully with the sweet side of summer pop.

Yoshimi! teamed up with Thijmen Riedé in a fresh electronic tune about the occupation of an artist featuring Alex van Holstijn. It’s mainly the dutch vocals that makes this so recognizable for everyone who has been in contact with artists, the art world, the eccentric presentation and the class that it sometimes creates between non artists. But as this is a english blog and we understand that a lot of our readers are unable to decipher the double dutch words anyway, it’s good to notice that even without understanding the lyrics, the music is actually pretty good as a standalone! It goes from Yoshimi style wonky tonk to massive alternative electropop with big fat synths and great unexpected rolling big breakbeats!

Artist Spoelstra really gets the Yoshimi vibes and proofs it’s point by  creating a special interpretation of the music by Yoshimi!) The result is very Spoelstra, with a very nice choice of sound , interpreting a  analysis of a yoshimi structure in a pleasant electronic piece.

After remixes, originals and interpretations it’s time for Ricky DeSire & Apastle who go for a cover of a original Yoshimi song. The result is a very nice pop song that moved away from  the wonkiness  of the original making it almost as if we are dealing with a ‘normal’ dutch alternative band! It’s good fun to hear the song structure worked out so solidly, perfect for radio play and above all very pet friendly!

Toxic Chicken is a very close relative of mine, making me able to throw in some dubious information about the remix of the original Yoshimi song called ‘Messed Up’. It’s a very birthday like song and the Chicken related to it as he spend quite some time being messed up, making it a ‘must remix’ tune. When the tape was released and Yoshimi held a little party they messed up by inviting the at the time messed up toxic chicken over from across the ocean to play a gig that was totally getting messed up. When experiencing technical and mental issues  on stage there was the urge to smoke a cigarette accompanied with the smoking song, unfortunately the sound engineer cut the show as the smoking ban was in force and the  so called punk attitude had left the window. For what I remember, that ‘show’ was pretty messed up! Which in the end is a pretty hilarious thing that made the circle of life round again! Music wise I really like how the remix evolved in something that energizes a  mashup!

Than like always after leaning close to the edge and perhaps tumbling over the edge of mentalism, it’s time for a well deserved break. Not a breakbeat but a vacation, some days off, camping in the woods.. Yoshimi inserted the last track that is called ‘vakantie (gebotste version) which is a very lovable work that reminds me of campfire crackles, guitar sessions and Yoshimi and friends all calm and happy laying lazy in the comfort of a glitch field. Good times and a very happy ending of this tape that is all-round soaked in a friendly attitude.

It’s obvious Yoshimi loves all of us!
I love Yoshimi ! And I’m sure you’ll love Yoshimi too!
Enjoy / stream / get the tape or digital download Yoshimi and friends over at the following link:

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