Fatal Jamz – One Of The Girls (None)

It's a girl! The artwork for Fatal Jamz' One Of The Girls Maxi 7". So hot!

It’s a girl! The artwork for Fatal Jamz’ One Of The Girls Maxi 7″. So hot!

Artist: Fatal Jamz
Title: One Of The Girls
Label: None
Cat#: None
Keywords: Glam Rock, Powerpop
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

If you’ve ever just wanted to be one of the girls, now’s your chance! I’ll be honest, I’ve spent several hours awake now, into the early morning sunrise, listening so many times to the beautiful, dazzling and glamourous sound of this single by Fatal Jamz. This night has opened my eyes and I will never sleep again

‘One Of The Girls’ charms instantly, with it’s warm, lo-fi glam rock vibes, its impeccable pop sensibility, its fun and clever lyrics; it’s like pure emotional gratification. Every time I try to venture away from it, I return, eating up every last drop of sound, analyzing the production. It’s flawless. With this single… I realized a love I never knew I had, for… weird hesher LA culture… just some peculiar thing to find growing in your heart that you didn’t know was there, but it was, all along. It’s a really thrilling thing to discover, something maybe we can all share now, living a vicarious and infinite Malibu dream, of denim, mullets and lipstick. According to the artist:

“It was inspired by an all girls slumber party my girlfriend had at our apartment, where I was a fly on the wall serving hors’ doeurves while they played dress up + drank champagne till dawn. I always wanted to be in the girl’s world anyway I could. After football practice in high school, we’d take our shoulder pads off and walk back to the locker room. Some of my best memories are of walking past the field hockey girls sitting in the grass and getting a big smile. That’s it, that’s a treasure, whole worlds arise in that split second bc you glimpse into another person’s spirit. On a different level it’s just about feeling beautiful and honoring that power, which is the theme I care most about.”

Peering into the worlds of others… and imagining ourselves into those worlds… I think I do that a lot! And, here, these impressions have been worked into a lovely, hot piece of art that we can all feel reflected in. Definitely give this one an ear… and watch the video, too, it’s a lot of fun! ^_^

Here’s a link to the single on Bandcamp:


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