Joel Nobody & Franklin 32 – All the way live

artists: Joel Nobody & Franklin 32
title: All the way live
keywords: experimental , noise, performance, improvisation
label: Brownian e/Motion(s)

Joel Nobody & Franklin 32 did a performance together in the A&M theatre. A venue based in Panama, Florida that pops up as a respectable place to see all kinds of arts and music. It’s the place to spot the more notorious underground artists like flat affect and of course Joel Nobody and Franklin 32. You might have come across the music, but it’s always a bit more special to see artists performing live, as it will show you their passion, or perhaps complete insanity happening in front of your own eyes and inside your ears.

Unfortunately for some of us the A&M theatre is far away, state or even country wise! But lucky for our luckiness someone smart invented camera’s and someone else (as equally smart!) used one to capture this concert of mister Nobody & Mister 32 in all its might and glory! It might not be the same experience as being actually there in the theatre, but still for now it’s the best option we can possible go for to see a part of history being made. Also it’s nice to mention that people who were lucky enough to attend the actual gig, that they now have the opportunity to travel back in time and relive that special  moment! Anyway to make an extreme long story even a little bit longer; It’s all good!

It’s good to listen, to experience and to see their movements and interactions. Brownian e/ motion has released the sound recording of the night so you can download it and place it on your audio player, but it’s definitely recommended to watch the accompanied video! Just to give a face of humanness behind the music is adding so much layers and quality to the soundtrack. I mean even if you are familiar with Joel Nobody’s work, did you know he is this very tall person with a childlike clean and expressionless face? Did you know that Franklin 32 looks a bit like a pirate playing pitchfork in the shadows?

Be wowed away when someone of the theatre dims the light and Joel Nobody has no trouble whatsoever to keep on reading a story from his book! Did you know how intense it is and how much passion goes into these moments of sound expressions? It’s a fun thing to watch, and even in the atmospheric darkness it’s still fun to guess what you are watching!

It’s a bit like watching a magician performing his magic and showing how it is done, but then packed in dimmed lights and shadow imagery. Interesting stuff and then we did not even touched the music! But let that be something for yourself to check out, experience and enjoy. Audio or the audio/visual way it’s all the way live with Joel Nobody and Franklin 32! Get the release over at the following link, or watch the video somewhere embedded in this review!

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