Avoid Dave – Erasing Frames EP

artist: Avoid Dave
title: Erasing Frames EP
keywords: electronic, future garage, electronica, soul
label: Emerald City http://www.emeraldcity.ee/

Avoid Dave’s Erasing Frames EP is standing out in it’s intelligent production style. It is lending great deals of modern music with certain cheekiness to it. It’s as if Avoid Dave absorbed tek-house, soul and electronica and managed to melt it together in a refreshingly new coat! Something that isn’t afraid to be experimental as it is playing around with off -the-wall rhythms, chopped up sample fun, and pleasant choice of sounds and melodies. Technically it’s comparable to the artist James Blake but with the production skills of Avoid Dave it’s actually all killer and no filler. Meaning that Avoid Dave’s tracks on this EP are even though full experiment and no fear to be off-grid, are extremely catchy and enjoyable for all kinds of audiences. Avoid Dave simply marries his love for quality produced electro-soul with warm vocals providing quality catchy hooks. Its music that makes us feel bubbly and would be recommendable to play at a living room party for a crowd of different music tastes. It’s obvious that Avoid Dave has spent quite some time perfecting these tunes, as the results are carefully put out without losing it’s feeling of freshness. So do not avoid Dave but listen to Avoid Dave cause it’s really nice stuff! http://emeraldcitytallinn.bandcamp.com/album/erasing-frames-ep

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