Eoforwine & Chochos y Moscas – Split

artists: Eoforwine & Chochos y Moscas
title: Split
format: Floppy Diskette
keywords: experimental, noise, ambient, grindcore, punk
label: Floppy Kick

Eoforwine’s Singnal lost is an atmospheric piece that mixes cruel coldness of noise with an contagious warmth. The outer edged seems to vibrate the ears with it’s loudness while within there is this deep comfort of sound hiding.
You might need to remove the shackles, cut open the iron gates of nastiness to enjoy the ambient in its full scale, but with the right pair of ears and mindset, I’m sure it isn’t that hard to be freed!

Chochos y Moscas (a Spanish noise grind band)  is not just going for one single song, but for multiple noisy ones.
If my calculator didn’t make any mistakes, I registered 11 different songs all captured in one singular flow. They are all pretty adorable in its sickness, with a crazy electric guitar and crunched drums and most distinctive vocal performance.

It hangs a bit between grindcore, and suicidal lo-fi trash punk! It sure has the attitude and if you listen carefully, you might notice how each song gets a little bit wilder and insane than the previous one. The end is of course also the personal highlight, but as everyone has different states of mentalness, it’s good to find all these stages captured in these songs.It’s an interesting split, and amazing really as it feels a bit like Chochos y Moscas actually delivered a complete album and Eoforwine a chill out single for when overdosing on these punky songs. It’s a bit like yin and yang, although nicely kept together with their love for noise and the lobit decency! Grab yourself one of these very limited copies and make your wildest floppy punk dreams come true!

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