Alien Operator – Realms Are Unlimited (Siro709)

Alien Operator - Realms Are Unlimited

In a finite universe, the album art for Alien Operator’s Realms Are Unlimited might have been impossible… but it was achieved. It was a breakthrough in quantum physics, and its implications are still changing the way we see the world around us.

Artist: Alien Operator
Title: Realms Are Unlimited
Label: Sirona-Records
Cat#: Siro709
Keywords: Acid, Goa, Trance
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

You probably thought all that alien stuff was over last time, huh? This is the sequel, though.

It’s ok, it happens. An alien apocalypse occurs, and you fight back. The invasion fails, if but for a week or two, and you celebrate prematurely. Then, before you know it, they’re back in full force and soon enough you’re just hanging out hooked up to a breathing tube in a giant vat of nutrient rich liquids while weird-looking alien oddities from all over the universe walk by occasionally, tapping on the glass and burbling in a language you still don’t understand. Then they leave and you just think… how did it all go so wrong?

Long story short, that’s where we’re at right now. Lucky you got a tube right next to mine, though. This is the cool kids liquid vat hangar.

It’s really not so bad. I mean… it is, but you get used to it. They’ve got choice music options up here and, after a few months, you’ll adjust. Either that, or you’ll jellify, or be dragged away screaming to the part of the ship that no one comes back from. Once they know you’re adapting, they’re totally cool with you leaving the tube every once in awhile to put on some music or take a shit or whatever. Just as long as you don’t dance, that seems to upset them. They also get pretty angry if you let yourself have thoughts about blowing up their starship… I’m pretty sure they read our thoughts.

Anyway, the aliens brought this record in a few days ago and I’ve been dying to give it a spin. It’s called Realms Are Unlimited, and it’s by Alien Operator. I think the Alien Operator might be the pilot, because it doesn’t gurgle as often as the others and kind of has a hip vibe.

Shall we?

Ok, first track is ‘Slider’. Yeah, I’m digging this, it’s got the basic house groove set up, some gritty acid basslines. It feels like we’re flying lightspeed now! I mean, we already were before, but now I really feel it. Excellent bassline sequencing, loving how the acid lines morph subtly throughout. Pump pump pump… oh, sorry, I’ll stop doing that (these aliens, so touchy!). After awhile, the Alien Operator brings in that signature squelch. Very 303 feeling.

Next up, ‘E.T. Pulsations’, brings it with some rapid fire 303 acid lines, then that thump thump thump rhythm. Hearing some lazers. Blasting off to another dimension! I’m loving how the 808 cowbell sound is being treated with some kind of modulation and a bit of echo, sounds totally warped, like a cat’s meow.

The last one, ‘Broken Beat Track’, starts us off with a thick 303, adds another one, then shoves some rhythm into our faces. Really nice 909 flam toms in the next section. That second 303 is like non-stop pacman party in my ear, it carries pretty much all of the funk. This one is definitely the most trance-inducing of the three.

Really nice, although short, acid trance release from the always-awesome Sirona-Records label.

We, uh, don’t have anything else to listen to right now for the lengthy voyage through space, so if you don’t mind I might just leave this one on repeat and climb back in the tube.

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