Krisma Ordo – Live:3/9/14

Artist: Krima Ordo
title: Live: 3/9/14
keywords: noise, harsh noise, experimental, power electronics
label: Punk Noise

Sound project Krima Ordo can be heard in this live recording, it’s doing its best to even be noticeable for people with troubled ears. Armed with a mixer, tape machine & pedal effects he fills up the ears with noise that sometimes seems to whistle as if the artist knows how to mold it into a flute. We can hear talking, perhaps even patriotic demonstrating, but mostly the big cloud of moody noise is overruling all the ability to think and hear clearly. When hiss salvo’s, wild crunching, sounds that reminds me of the tools of a dentist start to be wilder, it’s a heart rising moment. Claustrophobic panic attacks may be triggered but as it’s a thrilling noise set of more than 15 minutes, there is no excuse not to go through it completely. A warm deaf making crunched up wall will be a nice stimulating reward perhaps, as it’s bringing more stability in its harshness. The wakeup call comes towards the end when a couple of high tones will ring the inside of your ears to explain that this session is over. Until we meet next time, gadget!

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