Various Artists – SAMIZDAT fLOppy DISK #02

artists: Various
title: SAMIZDAT fLOppy DISK #02
keywords: vaporization, lobit, art, experimental
label: MAV [0 kbps] Records

Tommaso Busatto, Kano, Antonio Saccoccio, Joseph Deskolath,
Fabio Crivellaro, Alenka, Stefano Balice, Alessio Giannetto & Anastasiya.
These are the people behind the Movimento Arte Vaporizzata.
The same people might, or might not be involved with the creation of the following sounds..

DEFINIZIONE is the first track that could be found on the SAMIZDAT flOppy DISK #02 release.
THe one and only Do It Yourself floppy diskette compilation organized by MAV Records that fulfills the need for lobit, self-made action and vaporization of music as we know it.
How does it sound like? Well even if you are listening to it, it is difficult to put an opinion to it of what it exactly is.
It is what they would like to promote, kind of vaporized material. To us foreigners not knowing the in-depth secret knowledge of the Italian language, it is perhaps even more pulverated and mysterious than it is actually intended to be.
In fact it feels as if we are simply have fallen in some kind of party occupied by these sound mavericks, a party where they chat, chit and argue, speak out poetry, and talk about the weather while cutting each other up with modern effects, spray cans and other poisonous materials.
It’s an art movement of the future that is kind of anti art, kind of anti themselves, kind of anti music that is still there, although they try to erase it while they are making it.
It’s all a bit weird, you might say!

With the second track RITUALE DI VAPORIZZAZIONE INTEGRALE it basically get’s this bunch of performing artists their act together by throwing in
some kind off oddball concept, that the group strives to follow while trying to overcome their braincells that get’s deleted by their self vaporizing experiments. The result is pretty amazing, almost animalistic in it’s sound expression.
It made me think of that Lars Von Trier movie ‘The Idiots’, it is a bit like they have left their normal norms and went through a ritual of the mind, pretending to have the mind of an insect, or prehistoric bumble bee.
The artists turn into art themselves by sacrificing their intelligence and becoming one with their own concept of vaporization.

With the last work ANTIDEFINIZIONE it’s if this bunch of creative Italian minds are confusing. hiding their own written rules, by adding sand in their own footprints of idea’s, thinking about completely other things, and philosophically finding their own inner child with a slight love for brain damage.
This is MAV, this is their idea, their identification, their rules and anti rules, their confusion and knowledge of resistance.
It is them against the rest of the world, if you get it, yo might want to join them, if you don’t you might be vaporized, deleted from their history books full of self created holes and obscurity.

Vague and proud, get this DIY floppy diskette over here:

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