Fantome – Love

artist: Fantome
title: Love
keywords: alternative, pop, rock, punk, indie

Fantome is the band name that Marcel Zuercher and Hanin Elias are occupying to get their music out!
They recently released an album that had some so called music critics criticizing, moaning and spontaneously defecating. Those kinds of things happen when serious things happen, remember good old Lou Reed’s Metal machine music and the warm welcome applause it gained upon release? Yet now it is one of the most sought for collectors’ items and historical artefact glorified by the massive worldwide noise uprising! No idea what the status of Fantome’s album would be in a couple of years, and if these so called critics would attempt to hide their articles by shoving it up their own assholes or not, but who knows! Where smoke is, is fire they say and when Hanin Elias pops up you just know it triggers some kind of reaction.

We gossiped on the Yeah I Know It Sucks playgrounds as where we could hear this Fantome album, why music magazines always uses album artworks as toilet paper and we honest music and non-music lovers have to wipe our shit with old socks?
We might have no money to print our obscenity’s in glossy paper, but we sure do want to hear alternative albums and praise them while they are hot! As a matter of fact we could go mental if we can’t find a way to hear ‘it all makes sense’ by Fantome! Does this knob-ish rant make sense? Probably not or maybe it does! Where are my medicines?
Marcel Zuercher who plays guitar and also write songs (as well for a band called ‘Die Krupps’) is perhaps a fellow that we are not so very familiar with, but the prominent voice and face of miss female fatale herself ‘Hanin Elias’ is a different story. I do not speak for the other scribbling semi writers on this blog but the music of her went with me on crazy trips for a bit.

She was one of the prominent members of the now legendary band Atari Teenage Riot. A group that opened up the way for anarchists and punks that did not really identified with the electric guitar as a prominent main tool of resistance, by using digital hardcore beats, in your face lyrics and the occasional ear ringing screams! It was amazing to see and hear them suddenly on MTV as it was for sure an group that didn’t belong there other than destroying things from the inside out and spreading this revolutionary new form of rioter music.

Many groups followed up and went through the magical door that had opened, some more raw, some insane, some blatantly abstract, some harsh and noisy and then there was this nifty duo ’cocaine ducks’ EC8OR and of course Hanin Elias going solo!
Hanin Elias cracked the jackpot of my heart as every song and album she had put out at that time was something that hunted me as if under some kind of magical spell. The reason was that it was the perfect substitute for suckers like me who are a sucker for certain pop structures but don’t want to listen to fluff but to something fucked up that they could relate too. I don’t know how else to explain it but these tracks of Hanin Elias  were to me mostly catchy as fuck and still underground and smartly powerful enough not to have it around in some cheesy pop parade of fluff. It was covering things that matter, television is bad and full of propaganda, war and other things that I forget..
No shame in singing and listening to Hanin Elias. This was the music that was carrying some kind of message, no lollipop-pop but something more grim with an eye for a doomed future.
Something that went in my ears and got registered somewhere in my brain, to come out at unexpected times when singing to myself small parts of these catchy lines.
‘Common and tie me to the wall’ and most memorable ‘survival of the fittest, future noir, future noir, future noir’… The ‘future noir’ was okay to sing in public, but the ‘tie me to the wall’ was a bit awkward at times, but irresistible haha :-p

Than different chapters popped up, she toured with industrial band Pigface through the USA and for some reason I lost track of consuming the music of Hanin Elias.
Also Hanin Elias herself took after her multiple collaborations, traveling and touring also a well-deserved break into the sun of French Polynesia, far from the fuzzing and fighting to probably spend some relaxing time with her loved ones.

Now back in Berlin she is ready to fuel the fire of music again, but this time she shows also a side that observing fans could see for a long time; not only her passion but she also reveals her softer side. Maybe that’s why the barking critics start to bark, cause when there is real human features and love involved in music, people just start to get a bit wacko. As you may have noticed, I get a bit over excited myself. 😉

But this writing shouldn’t be about me, or my love for the music of Hanin Elias, but this piece of lengthy collection of words was supposed to go about the newest music adventure ; This tropical fine looking tough woman newest music exploration with partner in crime Marcel ZuercherI. I might not hear that album at this moment in time, but thanks to YouTube and the official Hanin Elias channel; we can watch and hear the first featured single of the ‘it all makes sense’ album without any problems! Isn’t life great? Are you ready to feel the ‘Love’?
The video features Hanin Elias and Marcel Zuercher, but also happy go lucky fairy’s, a lovable dark side, bubbles in an outside foam grave and most importantly that song called ‘love’! It features Hanin Elias distinctive voice which she applies to attack my memory parts of the brain, wanting to make the song stick by using yet again the weapon of pure catchiness! And yes, there is the fire, the passion, the movements that she uses to put us all under that magical spell again! But this time it’s not about the future of war, deleting yourself or being tied to the wall’ but a surprising song about affection and love.

The dark creepy fairytale character with mudd on his face in the video comes across as an extra to make up for the lack of sinister darkness, but I love him anyway! That’s how strong the love is in this Fantome song!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
We love to love and loving the love, in the dark gothic kind of way or just the happy go lucky in the sun kind of way! Love, love, love! Whoops, it’s time for my medicine again, my lovely excuses! 😉

So yes, I guess the first single coming from the album of Fantome isn’t that spooky, no opera ghosts whaling in the corner and messages of us all being doomed without good prospects for the future. Critics may choke on that, fall over and gossip in the hallways, but let them sit on a cigarette and burn cause in f#cked up times where most people have opened their eyes; it’s good to have something positive around.
It’s probably the sun that provided the happiness that shine through in the songwriting skills, the expression of sound and the happy go lucky music collaboration but what can I say? Yes the first impression of Fantome is different than Hanin Elias previous solo albums and singles, but it’s a new project with her voice and mind starring in it next to Marcel Zuercher.
Something you need to hear and absorb from scratch really and when you do, you will find an excellent pop rock track that has probably the best intentions for everyone that spend time listening it! It’s the good vibes, the sound of hope and of love!
Love will win and it is stronger than we ever loved it before! Fantome loves us, loves you, loves its critics, loves itself, loves the love…

O o time for the medications again..
Perhaps take this wonderful opportunity to hear and watch the ‘Love’ by Fantome for yourself?


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1 Response to Fantome – Love

  1. Alex Spalding says:

    This is great and I really enjoyed the video! It was not what I expected, either! 😀

    One of my favourite memories of Hanin Elias was seeing her perform with Pigface several years ago. At the local dive that I saw them perform at, the bouncers had grabbed this guy because he had attempted to crowd-surf and they were going to carry him off and throw him out. The band stopped the music mid-show while Hanin & the drummer yelled at the bouncers for being jerks and tried to make them let him go because the guy was just trying to have a good time and crowd-surf. So I knew then that Hanin was truly a genuinely cool person, for standing up like that against injustice!

    Those bouncers were always really mean and bullying people, too. So, that moment lives with me forever; a kind of micro-liberation or micro-rebellion like a butterflys’ wing that’s moved and shaped in some way who I am today, even if that might seem silly.

    Awesome review!

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