Ingrid – long thin monster single

artist: Ingrid
title: long thin monster single
keywords: secret sad lo-fi blues folk
reviewer: Willem van O.

Ingrid’s long thin monster single is what you might call the folklorish blue cherry on a lo-fi secret folk song.
She plays her guitar with her hands and her voice sings the song with sometimes added double vocals,
for the full mastered effects and cutest sounding results.
She wants the long thin monster to leave her alone,
and we hope that by listening to this song, the monster would be so flattered that she indeed would move somewhere else.
Or perhaps just fell asleep from the sweetness. Either way it’s all good and even if you are not that monster she is singing about, you still might enjoy this little one minute of personal sounding music.
If kimya dawson is your thing, but wants to have it a bit more sweet and muffled, than welcome Ingrid in your life!
Get this single over at the following link, if you are in need fore some hazed sugar lo-fi folk blues.

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