Scary Dub Monster – Anabioz EP

artist: Scary Dub Monster
title: Anabioz EP
keywords: minimal, tech-house
label: Deep-X Records

As you might or might not know, it’s monster weekend at Yeah I Know It Sucks. We have all kinds of them hanging around at the international offices, but one we had to dive deep into the depths of Deep-X recordings to bring up and place in our spotlight.
Oh yes, it’s the very Scary Dub MonsteR! A monster that has some very scary skills that could kill you! Kill you with exhaustion that is as this Scary Dub MonsteR has the magical potion to deliver the irresistible minimal techno house tunes that will keep you in a dancing state until collapsing! But I have to admit, being under the spell of the Scary Dub MomsteR isn’t all that unpleasant, and dancing our way to our final destination does sound like a nice way to go! Especially when these micro sounding dance tracks are nothing less than perfect. You know, the enthusiastic baseline & the minimal but precise melody are out to get you! Especially when being stimulated by the Scary Dub MonsteR scary drum programming, that will give these tracks no rest and also no boredom! These rhythms are fun and that’s how the Scary Dub MonsteR will get you into his crib! Like a pied piper of dance music the Scary Dub Monster will munch on all of us, but first we are invited to hear the inescapable minimal tech house made by this creepy beast!

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