Various Artists – Impressed

artists: Various
title: Impressed
keywords: experimental
label: Attenuation Circuit

This compilation starts with an operation.
Not something that your average compilation will start with,
but in this case we are listening and experiencing an experimental compilation released through the Attenuation Circuit label.
But don’t worry too much about it, I mean we are all in good hands.
Besides it doesn’t hurt, it’s an operation done by sending in a stream flow of calm music to our inner ears.
The tools are the tones of an warm friendly organ, carefully brought out with the experienced hands of the expert ‘Sustained Development’.
Just sit or put yourself in sleeping position and all will be fine.
The doctor knows what is good for you and we assure you this organ transplant is necessary.
After the operation is complete you will feel so much better,
So relaxed and beautiful, from so well the in and the outside!
And I know it might sound unbelievable, but Sustained Development is lending its expertise to its listening patients completely free of charge.
Life is beautiful, and the best things do come out of unexpected places.

When we are all relaxed and beautiful from the previous treatment, it’s best to add a little layer of mysterious music to the skin.
That’s where Zanstones & Alozeau come in! They provide synth paths that are tanning the skin into darker tones, but with the right rhythmic precision they will make sure it will be done in such a way that sunlight will still be allowed in.
A good thing if you think about the health and benefits these kind of sound works could do for you.
After listening we also might have gained a mysterious power, something that comes across slightly evil, but absorbs easily within your own character.

Now that we are all calmed down, beautiful, tanned and opened up the door for a bit of evil,
evil comes in all the way and tears every wire behind our skull apart.
It does this under the names of 886VG & Java Delle’ and is a little bit more drastic to say the least.
Inside turned pimples are being shredded away, unwanted kidney’s removed, nerves gets wrecked, muscles that you did not know you had are burned away!
It’s all pretty drastic, but you know it’s like that thing that people say ‘who wants to be beautiful, needs to suffer’.

And of course it’s good to have your thoughts rinsed from sins and sorrow. That’s where Divine Anger Of God comes in,
Bringing an exciting piece of music with a very prominent funky slap bass, and synth minimalism & a female assistant mumbling something about dying in repeat.
It’s probably all good for us, and even if not, the music is actually quite pleasant and for the Divine Anger Of God, quite friendly in sound and feel.

Main doctor Emerge is brought in for the extra touch ups, the skin markings that needs extra care, the minimal dots, the minimal water based medications, perfumes and other magical potions that needs to be applied on the skin for camouflage and sexiness.
Just close your eyes and open the ears when Emerge does its thing, takes care of you with his self-made medicines and homeopathic sound treatments.
It’s perhaps a mystery, but as you feel good while the process is going on and when it is finished, it’s all just an mater of relaxation for the sake of being beautiful.

Prophecy Sun is going to give all the listeners an extra beauty treatment. We are all massaged and powdered up by humming and singing female doctors that will make you feel loved from the in and outside.
They apply it with care and will probably be weather resistant, which makes our new gained beauty hopefully going for ‘a long time’.
Not that we have no intention to come back to this compilation for some more face lifting, feel good care and other bliss.
But for now it’s up to you dear reader to visit this beauty farm and treat yourself good by bathing in all these luxurious sounds:

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