Boogie Monster – Castle In The Clouds (Digi-7″)

artist: Boogie Monster
title: Castle In The Clouds (Digi-7″)
keywords: celtic, loud, metal, post-rock

What the frying flying pans of hell! Your reviewer collapsed and fell of the chair, frightened by an unexpected form of noise!
Your so called content generator was tricked into believing that the following release by Boogie Monster would have being for some very silly strange reason covered and overloaded with cute sounding chip tunes!
But as people with common sense could tell everyone, the Boogie Man is not here to give you what you want,
it’s here to give you the freaking freaks, to scare the hell out of you when you least expect it!
And hearing this release was enough to be slapped back in reality, far away from square aves and mario’s, yoshi’s and magic digital mushroom.
Although mushrooms with magical potion might come in handy while hearing the ‘Castle In THe Clouds (Digi-7″) as it has it’s moments that are pretty lucid.
Especially the ‘Lost In Bollywood’ track is kinda beserk and mental. Perhaps being under the influence would trigger some bad trip experience, but listening to its sober,
while forgetting the shock of it not being ‘chiptuned’
is actually quite bombastic and energetic.
A little bit on the noisey side,
but these pieces of post-rock metal need to have that noisey punch to slap us listeners all the way up to indeed see that castle in the clouds.
Actually I see stars as well! Join this madness of that good old Boogie Monster:


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