Gila Monster – ‘Fuck Girls’ single

artist: Gila Monster
title: ‘Fuck Girls’ single
keywords: Punk, girl rock, jazz, noise, rock/punk

We have covered a lot of monsters here on Yeah I Know It Sucks,
but there is nothing like the monster called Gila.
Gila Monster freaking rips your head from your neck, puts it in the microwave, and than feeds it to the cat.
Well, not sure really, I’m sure Gila Monster would have nastier idea’s, more monstrous, more insane!
Her music tells it all! You should be afraid, cause Gila Monster is not here to please you, but to pleasantly f*ck you up!

Gila Monster provides original punk girl rock that would shrink your balls if you had them, this stuff rocks so hard with extreme noisey jazz elements that feels as if Gila Monster plays the chainsaw just as easy and an electric guitar!

Hearing is believing and Gila Monster tells it like it is, no sweetness, no foreplay, just ‘all girls wanna get f*cked’!
Get your ears perforated by the fanatic freaky punk music by Ginla Monster!

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