Vaginal Ass – Harsh Noise Attack

artist: Vaginal Ass
title: Harsh Noise Attack
cat: AAR00023
keywords: a harsh noise attack
label: angry arnold recordings

Vaginal Ass. It’s a name that might ring a bell. Where did we hear this name before? It sounds so familiar?
Strange enough it might be the first time we meet Vaginal Ass, and not so much in person but more as in meeting ‘Vagina Ass’s musical output. If you are the kind of person that is a bit visual than you might get an idea how Vagina Ass would sound like, but just to help us with a hint Vagina Ass gave it’s free downloadable single a very self explaining title. It’s ‘Hash Noise Attack’ or if that wasn’t clear enough try to get the point across by using capital letters. ‘VAGINAL ASS – HARSH NOISE ATTACK’!
Yes, as we now have established that this output by Vaginal Ass is kind of loud it’s good to give a little bit more insiders information before moving on to the link at the bottom to be assaulted by noise..

The thing is that this release made me think of something, a character, quite a legendary one.. You remember the video that Chris Cunningham did for Aphex Twin’s ‘Come to Daddy’ video? Remember the old lady walking her dog and than meeting this odd devilish looking character that started to scream at her as if to kill her with an enormous amount of bad breath? For some reason that creature got linked in my imagination to this harsh noise attack by our friend Vaginal Ass. It’s as if he left the video and left all the electronica ding dong behind and started a solo project. And now we can recollect the fruits of this screaming creature , carefully captured in front of a microphone by Vaginal Ass. It’s loud and indeed a HARSH NOISE ATTACK that is worth to be printed in bold with a possible underline.

Warp Records might want to get the papers out for a licensing deal and add Vaginal Ass to its artists roster, before the Justin Biebers and other pop diva’s would be replaced by the uprising noise. But for now, the brutal noise harshness of Vaginal Ass still remains very much underground and extremely legal to download without paying a single penny for it! Here it is people, some harsh Noise clocking in of a little bit more than one minute by the one and only Vaginal Ass:

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