Various Artists – Monstrous Melodies

artists: Various
title: Monstrous Melodies
keywords: songs about or for monsters

To proof that monsters are just a bunch of lunatics making crazy and fun music, you just have to tune in the tune by Charlie Boraley called ‘In my mind there is a monster’.
In no time you will be surrounded by them, probably family of the monsters that occupy the crazier side of Sesame street.
They ‘lala’ sing full of joy, play the banjo as if they are whisky drinking freebasing ex cowboys and plingle the occasional weirdness on a cheeky keyboard! It’s lots of fun really! If you are in a good mood and mentally insane, this track will for sure make you feel at home! Lala along with this crazy song!

Giovanni Cipolla isn’t afraid of the scary Monsters and sings a song for them, ordering to take their ‘smelly feet’ and move next door. He even calls a taxi for them as he moves them out of his closet. Giovanni is a man of contrasts by singing that he hopes that these monsters are just a fragment of his imagination but at the same time kicking them out of his house by telling them that they smell like rats.
Still a nice song in a rock format that would probably appeal the most to young kids with monsters under their beds!

Joanna Sandsmark song ‘When Monsters Want to Dance’ is actually pretty scaring the shit out of me music and song wise. I feel it’s supposed to be for kids, but the way how it is sang and even the appearance of a singing monster itself, is actually pretty disturbing. I guess when monster bites your toes and nose, you have no other chance to dance!

Logan Whitehurst And The Jr. Science Club brings a more lighter and brighter song called ‘ (She’s) Ten Feet Tall’. It’s all rather cute with a funky cowbell and a side story about a cup of coffee with a piece of glass in it, and of course the intimidation by a woman being ten feet in length.

The last track is done by Dorothy’s Magic Bag and is the most friendliest and fun track made called ‘monster’. It has the chilled out feel good theme of electronic ska music with lovely bells and cute sounds and of course the mentioning of you being a monster!

I’m flabbergasted by what a weird bunch of songs can be found for free download with the ‘monster’ theme in mind. It’s like opening a box of fairy sparkles, mix it up with other peoples creative imagination and pull out a strange rainbow of childlike weirdness!
Get these ‘monsters’ over here:

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