De Drie Dieren – Van dier tot dier

artist: De Drie Dieren
title: Van dier tot dier
keywords: psychedelic, progressive
label: Smikkelbaard Records

With the tracks on the ‘van dier tot dier’ release by ‘De Drie Dieren’, you might be in for some surprise. Surprisingly good music that is! Music that sets an atmosphere you would enjoy sober, but much better under the influence of Doctor Ugs magic potion. Whatever the medical smokable herbs or good old postal stamp drained in Lucy would do to your body, you will be sure having a good trip with van dier tot dier. It’s like a good outdoor safari, or just let’s say ‘a pretty trip’! Leafs and branches hitting your face while wandering around with a smile in the wonders of psychedelic progressive space rock. It doesn’t happen often that these druggy sound trips are so masterly shaped with the use of animals playing real instruments, but when it does it’s definitely a good time to pack your bag with it and go for an adventurous vacation. Oh yes ‘De Drie Dieren” abuse the guitar, the base, the drums as if it was The private morning band of Jimmy Hendrix. Herbal tea, some donut with magic powers and the van dier tot dier release would be enough to forget about your urge to read the free newspaper! Expand your mind, your music collection, and third eye legacy and join the sounds of ‘Van diet tot dier’ by ‘De Drie Dieren” over here:

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