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MC Downz – Peas and Carrots

Artist: MC Downz title: Peas and Carrots keywords: experimental, miscellaneous, earth MC Downz is at it again! He delivers a downer of a tune and we all love that! I feel like watching updates on social media to spot what … Continue reading

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Chipzel – Super Hexagon EP

Artist: Chipzel title: Super Hexagon EP Keywords: 8bit, electronic, chiptunes, game music, retro, chipmusic Not so very long ago, somewhere in a rural part of the United Kingdom stood a long lonely tower. There was no door or any entrance … Continue reading

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Sightlines – Our Demands

Artist: Sightlines title: Our Demands format: limited edition floppy diskette keywords: punk, pop-punk, power-pop reviewer: Fred Loppy Sightlines might stand next to the border of the booming floppy world, are a bit under the cover, a little bit harder to … Continue reading

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UMBERTO – La Llorona

artist: UMBERTO title: La Llorona keywords: electronic, electro, horror, soundtrack Who brings back the cool black breeze of air into the world of electro? This is a task for UMBERTO, an act hailing from the city of lost Angels, delivering … Continue reading

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Panq Ng – Conquering The Knot

Artist: Panq Ng title: Conquering The Knot keywords: devotional, angry, diy, noise, post-music, powerpop, punk, yelling Panq Ng’s Conquering the knot is sounding like a lot of fun, marrying upbeat unicorn devotional monkey power pop to colorful madness. Music wise … Continue reading

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Ogun Oru – Lost and forgotten mental places

Artist: Ogun Oru title: Lost and forgotten mental places cat: FCKBS 007 keywords: video, Noise, dark ambient, darkwave label: Floppy Kick Forget VHS. Don’t even think about DVD’s. Do not waste your time spending on Blue Rays! The physical … Continue reading

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Room Nine Unlimited – Panacea

Artist:Room Nine Unlimited title: Panacea keywords: electronic, upbeat, techno, psy, dance? label: Lab Room Unlimited Hi! How ya doing skipper? Ready for some horse riding? The horse is ready! In fact it’s already riding without you.. No need to bring … Continue reading

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Silent Cicada – Pear of Anguish

artist: Silent Cicada title: Pear of Anguish keywords: experimental, glitch, drone, noise label: Black Fires Silent Cicada isn’t very silent when it starts to flush it’s ‘Pear of Anguish’  release through the ears. But be thankful for that as it … Continue reading

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Moonslice – Cat

Artist: Moonslice Title: Cat Keywords: chill out, lounge Does anyone fancy a nice slice of cake? Or what about a pizza slice? Na? You ate already? What about a relaxing Moonslice? It is something you can’t really refuse, and it … Continue reading

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Vaginal Ass – Satanic Pombur

Artist: Vaginal Ass title: Satanic Pombur cat: AAR0027 keywords: noise, harsh noise, SATANOISE label: Angry Arnold Records After the big successful single called HARSH NOISE ATTACK, artist Vaginal Ass returns with a newer than new release! This time it is … Continue reading

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