Iohannes – Soundscapes

Artist: Iohannes
title: Soundscapes
keywords: ambient, drone, instrumental, meditation, sleep, noise

personally I love it when a sound artist knows what to feed its listeners to make them fly, float weightlessly in the air defying all gravity as we know it. This is exactly what Iohannes is doing to each and every one who has the volume up and enters the first track on the ‘Soundscapes’ release. It’s a wonderful state of bliss that is stimulated here, one that makes us feel lighter than a feather hanging comfortably somewhere in a breezeless bit of sunny blue sky. It is just as relaxing as it sound, and even listeners who have a freight of height could attend! It’s all in perfect control and pretty in all its calmness.

The second track also goes in a direction that gives its listeners direct relief by spreading deep and warm tones of ambience. Stress and work or bad thoughts are all left behind in a reality far, far away as Iohannes gives us all the goodness of the world camouflaged as ambient.

The third track is more melodic in its approach, softly spreading warm and comfortable tones over our minds and bodies. It is the best blanket, soft and light and absolutely nurturing in all its comfort. I found myself holding up my breath, just to hear all these fine flows making everything good, pretty and full of love.

And then when I thought that it couldn’t get any better, it actually went even better! The artist provides a dream like track that took my mind away to a place of fluffy soft clouds, angels, sunshine, cathedrals and holy places to sightsee; mermaids combing their hair in the glittering sea, pixies being lazy in the grass and total inner peace. What a beautiful dream and what a lovely piece of music to dream away on!

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