Tommaso Busatto + Laika Facsimile – Glitch Sex Avanguardia

artists: Tommaso Busatto + Laika Facsimile
title: Glitch Sex Avanguardia
keywords: glitch, experimental
label: MAV [okbps] Records

Tommaso Busatto & Laika Facsimile are making love, you know ‘sexy times’, you now the moments when body’s meet and they spend time together giving in to instinctual behaviors and such..
With this release they are doing it in public, not by showing their organs or balancing around naked for everyone to see, but with music.
Or well let’s say with sound and rhythem, forcing sexy glitches into other ones glitches, so the glitches will be filled with glitch in a rappid speed.
With the main track ‘Glitch sex avanguardia’ it is probably the most in your face exposure of the artists love for doing these hot things in your ears.
It isn’t hard to imagine and visualize all the action by just hearing all these crazy sounds stimulating these actions of intercourse and humping sounds.

With track two ‘Lei squirta sui diamanti’ the lovers have invited nobody less then Marilyn Monroe to the bedroom for an all-round hot and steamy trio action!
Of course diamond rings are exchanged, perhaps not on fingers that are attached to hands, but still on similar things. The results is squeals of pleasure, joyful outburst of satisfaction, of fun among each other, of lots of action and sexual movements!
It’s a squirting good times for all the ones that are involved, that is of course if you hear the sounds and don’t think about that Marilyn had been quite dead for a while now.. But hey, whatever rows your boat, right?

With ‘Twistjob’ the artists goes even a little bit more extreme, adding a little bit more pumping to the sexiness. It’s an overload of sounds, all rapidly placed, making moving motions that end up in one big splash of sound orgasm!
Or perhaps it was something else, but as this is a family orientated website, we might not just write down all our thoughts. But it was definitely an overwhelming arousing peace of hardcore sound action!

The last track 69 e buongiomo! is surprisingly calm, it’s a bit like listening to a couple trying a 69 position for the first time, it’s a bit awkward, but as we and all listeners might notice when diving into this strange music release, it kinda works out pretty well with happy satisfied faced at the end.
We might not get hot and steamy yourself by listening to this craziness, but if you are an peeping tom and into find experimental glitch music the most Horney making things around,
Than this might make all your wet dreams come true:

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