Toth Kina Hegyfalu – @ Noisy 13, Munich – 10.12.2013

Artist: Toth Kina Hegyfalu
title: @ Noisy 13, Munich – 10.12.2013
keywords: experimental, live performance, noise, alternative, acoustic, dada, punk, spoken word
label: Attenuation Circuit

What happened on 10/12/2013 at Noisy 13 in Munich, stays at Noisy 13 in Munich” said nobody.. ever!
So what actually happened at Noisey 13? Some kind of scandal, something set on fire, some honky tonk bird doing back flips?
All of these suggestions are quite possible if you would ask me, as on that date in time the underground duo Toth Kina Hegyfalu  had camped out, plugged in and took over the place with a very special live set!

Who can forget about Toth Kina Hegyfalu’s epic tape release through SP Recordings? A tape release that had left an ever lasting impression at the YIKIS headquarters. And what about their latest full length free release ‘Zsur‘ they did on Sirona-records? I was trying to review it but half way through my craptop went suicidal and took the writing with her when buried in the high tech graveyard. Out of respect for the dead and superstition for bad luck I did not attempt to review it again, which for my honest apologies to who it may concern. But even without a review you shouldn’t hesitate to download it and give it a good spin! Don’t sue us when also your computer steps up a chair, sticks the screen through a loop and hangs itself or actually sets itself on fire! Not that this would happen, but with Toth Kina Hegyfalu you just never know really. The music of these two individuals is strong enough to do the earnest unexpected things!

So what about Noisy 13 in Munich? Did the audience survive it? Was there a portion of voodoo involved? How did it sound? What had happened?
Visual wise you have to use your imagination perhaps, but audio wise someone smart has recorded the complete manifestation. Something that starts from the very beginning as a form of audio witchcraft that the duo uses to fill up the Noisy in Munich. With voices that roll in a energetic madness that feels as if the artists cloned themselves in an instant, multiplying themselves in a complete army of wild anarchists with animalistic tendencies. They are free, they sing, they howl and thunder, fill up the loudspeakers with expressions. And damn they are hungry!

The crazy effect hits in when their sound cloning friends disappear in an instant as to make way of the strangest noises,  inner beings that pop out and go from sweet and innocent like to purely obsessed and wild in behavior. If the audience had been eaten it wouldn’t completely be a huge surprise. Just imagine Toth Kina Hegyfalu munching and showing a beautiful smile with lips covered with blood while munching on a fan’s bone, it simply wouldn’t really be weird at all when hearing their performance.

Electric power drills, chainsaws are of course brought in to cut the pieces of flesh that are too large to bite through. But don’t think it’s gruesome to listen to this experience from the safety at your home, they supply and display so much magic and love in between their wildness that the whole cannibalism of the audience is something that is just a necessity, something that comes across as if they are accustomed to it that it just feels natural. It’s as if the recording captured a certain magic between the duo, a certain sparkle that captures them in their own world and we as listeners are invited within their magic world of freedom.

I’m sure all their so called victims have been eaten and slain  voluntarily on that location, and let their sacrifice and of course the exciting music be an great reason to hit over to the following link and hear Toth Kina Hegyfalu for yourself! Do not be afraid!

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