Chibre / Trou – Split

artists: Chibre / Trou
title: Split
cat: fckspl002
keywords: noise, harsh noise, lobit, HNW, psychedelic, experimental
label: Floppy Kick Records

Two credible sound artists with the names ‘Chibre’ and ‘Trou’ are occupying a limited set of 18 exclusive floppy discs. They are very compatible in their output which would suit people that are into a more harsher way of music. It’s the music that is made for tough persona’s,
and the photo of nails on the front cover of the floppy diskette is really a picture that tells a great deal of how it sounds.

Not that we can hear nails within these tracks, but both artists bring a work that is similar in shape. It is pointy, to the point, harsh and merciless. Basically a bit like a well-made nail, really.
And to keep throwing up the word ‘nail’, both projects seem to have ‘nailed’ it!
What does that mean? Well for example Chibre delivers a work called ‘a Seringue’ which is an interesting and kind of bombasting long lasting assault. It moves, fills up the ears and mainly vibrates the lower tones of the subwoofer, while torturing the higher tone receivers. But our ears are enjoying it, as it makes a certain amount of wind that makes everyone’s hair wave up in the soundwaves when playing this stuff loud enough.

It has so many values by moving and changing, but without going 180 degrees, or off direction. Basically the produced noise goes forward, with side show effects that makes me think of steamboat horns, a slaughtered piano, a motorboat, some lost Portuguese tourists, a heavy rainfall and someone cutting the rainforest with some modern chainsaw..

Basically there is so many things to hear within this to the point steaming harsh noise show, that it seems to me that its perfect material for people that likes to listen to noise and do not want to get bored along the way. Even though the end is clear, the nail will be ending somewhere, but the details with hiss, and buzz fuzz are intriguing for imaginative fantasy folks.
This track proofs that an approach of an harsh noise wall doesn’t automatically have to mean everything is cold and faceless, Within this there is a lot of room for imagination and probably plenty of space for hallucination.

Than ‘Trou”s Adieu le père, who also clings on a similar concept, although still very different in its personal origin. The first difference between the pain is the choice of sound encoding; where Chibre choses to fill up its sound in a Ogg Vorbis file,  Trou does it within the more popular format of mp3. The encoding formats choice may sound like a geeky thing, but have a great effect of how the both noisescapes are being handled by its audio playing hosts.
It looks that Chibre’s work sounds cozier sound-wise, and Trou is more all the way up there, a bit in your face because of the different way the crunching distortion is treated.

Adieu le père’ comes across like a bit more difficult to swallow or digest, just because it sounds all fired and banged up. You can hear things that are there, or perhaps aren’t there. I might have heard a jazzy piano plingeling in the background, but as the noise wall is making the sparkling and burning open fire sounds in the speakers, it’s more an experience of being burned alive at the steak.
That is of course also worth the experience, and perfectly safe to endure in an audio trip form! Very crunchy, very nail-y, and a steady flow of fire!

My conclusion is that this release might be a pleaser for the crazed out noise lovers that are into this phenomena for hallucination and tripping purposes. There is no real violence or assaults that I could register, but interesting grinding with deep side effects that play along with things that aren’t there. Also probably good company for DIYing around the house!
Get these very limited floppy kicks over at the following label:

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