Chochos y Moscas – Chochos y Moscas

Artist: Chochos y Moscas
title: Chochos y Moscas
keywords: punk, grindcore,
format: floppy diskette / CDr / digital download
label: Weakie Discs

Spain has something to be proud of, not just the country, their culture, the food and their dances but something more hidden, a thing that is exporting itself out of their borders through many dubious ways and making a name for themselves in the global worldwide underground of obscure music! Yes, I’m talking about ‘Chochos y Moscas’, Spain’s only grindcore band that has multiple tracks out on floppy diskettes!

Not so very long ago we have shined some light on a split they did with a noise act from Hungary (also released on floppy diskette), and now, within this post we meet this band again but now doing a complete solo release.

Also this record is available on the data loving cute looking floppy diskette, but in case you aren’t modern enough to own a computer with a floppy-drive; the label also provides the option to obtain a copy on the easy going CDr! And if that’s too old school, you might even get these tunes straight as mp3’s!

The modern world has so many options that it is hard to choose, but listening to this album gives me the impression that it’s actually really made for the floppy diskette. All songs are very compact in length, hailing from 10 up to 17 seconds in playtime, meaning that it is even punker than punk and more to the point than a ballpoint!

But don’t think Chochos y Moscas is doing an easy skit here, as this band provides more tracks than the average album by a singular group can carry. With their self-titled release they have managed to create 25 different songs! Just think about it, let it sink in for a bit… 25 tracks on one singular floppy diskette full of mad grindcore punk!
mad grindcore punk? Yes, you read it correctly!
Its madness and yet equally brilliant!

Every song contains in your face lyrics, guitar f*ckery, drums being bashed and when you count everything up together it’s like experiencing epileptic episodes, but than in a music kind of way! Tiny heart attacks that jump up to scare you, pump you up with the energy that comes straight from a mental ward! Every tune captures a different approach, while going forward in the same insane style that makes Chochos y Moscas stand out in bizarre creativity! Don’t close your ears as you might miss out on some!

Get Chochos yMoscas’s Chochos y Moscas on a format of choice from Poland’s Weakie Discs label over here:

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