Crunchy Person – take me to yer leader

artist: Crunchy Person
title: take me to yer leader
keywords: insane music? ass pop, homo show tunes, queer stoner pop,

Hearing this record by the Crunchy Person is like listening to pop musicians under the influence of a very good and strong portion of LSD and speed. It’s unfollowable, utterly bizarre, completely bonkers and surprisingly together. It’s in fact pretty amazing and something that you don’t come across every day. Especially ‘spacejam’ and ‘white bikes’ are truly the weirdest all-over-the-place weirdo pop tunes on this release. Difficult to reconstruct or to copy, although if this band would share their magical medicines of choice we would definitely not say no to give it a go!

After these two mad opening tunes it seems that the most energetic madness rush has been calmed down or even slightly disappeared. With ‘lites over the countryside’ & Spider Bite’ they still try to keep the insanity going but it sounds more constructive and planned and chilled out. Probably some good weed may be a factor for the guys to slow down a bit.

The last track is more absurd, still taking a more easy going approach with slight insanity shining through.
They have seen the light and we want to know where the dealer is who is responsible for triggering these crazy tunes?

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