Kevin Brodenheimer – Wall Of America

Artist: Kevin Brodenheimer
title: Wall Of America
keywords: Harsh Noise Wall, HNW, noise
label: Abandonment Label

The wall of noise that is been made by a certain Kevin that than declines to be called Kevin, is for a wall pretty demolishing. Normally a structure like this would just stand tall and strong where you would place it, but in this case it feels as if this hash noise wall is destroying all the normal walls around us. Of course it’s done rather violently, with lots of unreasonable crunching and high tones of hiss, but it’s not a bad thing to get when you need a helping hand in breaking down walls to make rooms larger, or perhaps get rid of the house of your not so beloved neighbors.

Just place the speakers in the direction of the walls that you want to get rid of, put up the maximum volume, sit back, relax and let this produced harsh noise wall do its job! Easy as eating a cake, but be careful not to walk to close in front of the speakers because the wall might see you as a wall too and probably break you apart. So be safe, and get this wall of destruction over here:

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