Standard Issue Press – 2014 Sampler

Artists: Standard Issue Press
title: 2014 Sampler
keywords: experimental, new York
label: Standard Issue Press

A compilation aka sampler of all what Standard Issue Press is offering in the year 2014. Let’s begin with the beginning, work ourselves through the middle and slide through the tracks to reach the perfect ending.

Black Pony integrates comedy with funkadelic music that grooves, chills and induces an instant party upon everyone who plugs into this compilation. ‘Oh my goth it’s a Heart Attack’ sounds like a lot of fun really.

Southern Femisphere’s supplied song sounds like drowned out space girl rock with punk influences. It secretly slips in very pretty melodic moments in between the catty and energetic punky times. The vocals are like surfers surfing on top of the electric guitars as everything moves up and down like the waves that move up and crush on the shore. It energizes the ‘we don’t give a flying f*ck’ attitude quite effectively!

Then it’s time to bring in the ‘Extra Vikings’ that deliver a track called ‘Jungle, Baby’. it’s all a bit strange from the weird introduction part that covers some strange sounds in some kind of street recording. Than the real music starts and it is all a bit sounding like a snake playing the woodblocks while the vocalist brings us on a tour inside the jungle of the human heart aka the lonely drumbeat. It is a strange song that seems to join opposites together (a bit slimy snake sound mixed with a strange happy hippy vibe?), but all in all pretty joyful.

Starter Friends asks the question of ‘who’s side we are on?’. The question remains a question but the music rolls out like a rambling swing of folk rock.   It’s friendly, rumbling, and good to show off your crazy rock & roll dance moves (if you have them!). Nice and compact and perfectly playable for good times on the radio!

Than ‘Ben Seretan’ comes in to bring something completely different. It’s a n excerpt from his ambient chill out guitar Space work ‘Velvet Eyes’. Perfect material for when recovering from a rather heavy hangover, or when being loaded up on trippy psychedelics and you need some safety net to guide the upcoming hallucinations. Relax, sit back and enjoy the music…

Jansen Cumbie goes forward in the pleasantness. Jansen delivers a piece of mind calming music that is called ‘New American House’. I have no direct idea how to link this title with the music that hides behind it; perhaps in America the house party goers are so tripped up that they can now dance in the clubs on wonderful lo-fi ambient, or perhaps it’s just wonderful complimentary music for a new house in the prairie or something. Whatever it is, it is beautiful and calm and will probably easily please the fine lovers of warm ambiance.

It gets more psychedelic and experimental as we continue this compilation.  As the sound of DF Lull comes along we are all should be so relaxed (or high on heroin) that this next level of sound is like a total natural step in the right direction. The music plays along with strange micro noises while keeping the warmth of a drowsy guitar work as a reminder of friendliness. It’s like as if we hang in some kind of abstract world between a magical dream and a rather strange reality.

Phoebe Little’s track ‘Radio Gujarat’ makes us all scratch our heads, are we all so spaced out that we now are receiving music from another time? Might it be Indian? We all love crackles from a dusty recording and in this time it is no exception really.

Thus, my retort reminds me of a band that had been features on a very rare compilation called ‘Totally Shit’. The name of the band has left my brain but the vibes of absurdity hasn’t and hearing this ‘Thus, my retort’ band makes me glad that we are living in a world that makes weed available for jamming musicians! A great animalistic ending for a moving compilation. And with moving I mean transforming from compact rock-ish songs to spaced out trip music to final destination; complete insanity!

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